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Emirates Flight Attendant Interviews

Read Page 1 ... Luckily, we thought of making a fake radio station SLFM for St. Louis radio and saying the 7th caller would get to come and announce the weather on our station as well as get a personalized umbrella with all of our radio entertainers names signed as a prize. 

Next we had eliminations. One was eliminated for attending the previous session in Dallas the previous week and the other for being to short. 

Next, we had one big group activity where we had a scenario. The scenario was you are a manager at a reputable car dealership and there was a glitch in the system. You only have 2 cars but 8 reservations. Among the 8 people described, which 2 do you give it to. The 8 people were a pregnant lady, a student, an employee of the car company, a business man, a valued customer, family of 5, a rock band, and a man standing in front of you with 3 bags. 

With my management experience and type A personality, I led the conversation a bit which unfortunately I think wasn't a good balance of listening and talking. I suggested to give ... Continue Reading this Interview Experience