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Frontier Airlines Flight Attendant Interviews

Read Page 1 ... had any questions for her. ASK A QUESTION.  She immediately stopped me, laughed and said, "I can tell your soo excited, would you like to be invited to a Face2Face Interview on Sep. 21st?" I said Absolutely and Thank You! NOTE: Be sure to be in a quiet place/no distractions, take notes and have them in front of you if necessary. She will be taking notes so TAKE YOUR TIME! Be confident On Sep. 9th I got an email about Suggested Hotels (They fly you FREE but YOU PAY for the room) Book EARLY! Sep. 15th they email you all the Hiring Tips/PAPERWORK. MAKE SURE U PRINT/FILL OUT.

The interview was Friendly. Everyone has a smile and seems happy. They help you to be relaxed and calm down. A very positive environment and they all get along so well. Out of the 70+ people that interviewed throughout that day, about 30 of us ... Continue Reading this Interview Experience