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They called me and another applicant pilot for a Scenario Based Interview (SBI) They took us to a room with paper tiger and two chairs in front of it, they use Jeppesen Charts. They made me the FO and the other mate the Capt. (Being an FO is double jeopardy, as you will end up managing the flight, where as capt will make decisions, you need to be involved but at same time cant just override the Capt, so if you are in a situation where the guy on left doesn't make a decision, just help him make one, if he screws up, you are dead too, no good or bad decision but there has to be one... all to be done in 7 mins timed). Situation: on STAR PIGLT6 RNAV plate 20-2H for KMCO, over VOR OTK (Voldosta), in descend. Before we began, we were given few mins to absorb the... Continue Reading this Scenario