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My "training date" is based off of being released from military service. They were offering April 01 to us. First of all, MAKE SURE YOU BRING ALL REQUIRED DOCS WITH YOU. I missed the PRIA documents in the email, and had to scramble morning of to get them filled out and in, Thank god the hotel had a good business center. The gouge is right now. There were no surprising questions or anything overly difficult. Don't feel like you need to blurt out an answer right away during your interview. Listen, Think, Pause, and Respond, these are not trick questions folks. I did NOT use interview prep, I would recommend just preparing on your own, as Frontier wants to interview YOU. ATP prep will get you prepared for the written test at the beginning. Don't skimp on this, everyone in our group passed. All the other gouge about the interview day is accurate. Below are... Continue Reading this Interview Experience

  1. Apr 06, 2021 Had some issues with the Microsoft teams. Other than that, very professional. Quick paced. Looking to see if you are honest and have a good head on your shoulders. Don’t get wrapped around the scenario questions. Just do what you would do in real life. Use CRM. Basic technical... Continue reading this interview experience

  2. Apr 06, 2021 My interview was virtual via Microsoft Teams, so your mileage may vary. All-in-all, a professional experience and there was nothing asked that wasn’t in the gouge on the site; very straight forward. The new SBI wasn’t necessarily difficult, but the limitations of it being virtual was awkward in execution (role playing, making the scenarios flow together,... Continue reading this interview experience

  3. Apr 02, 2021 Like others said, very nice and welcoming at first. Some issue with on of the interviewer so chatted with the Captain for a bit first about where I had just moved to. They introduced themselves briefly then we started.  (view the study guide and also sim/scenario section of this website).  Thanked them when we were... Continue reading this interview experience

  4. Mar 31, 2021 Everything was as expected. Extensive CRM oriented scenarios. One must try to imagine the role and situation. Write some plans to ensure all steps are taken. I tried to seek input from crew members and ground personnel. Keep it safe. Be ready to stop unsafe to courses of action. Be yourself! The experience and knowledge level of the interviewers will hone in on who you are and the way you think and operate. TMAT questions require prior self analysis and care. Very very professional... Continue reading this interview experience

  5. Mar 18, 2021 Interview conducted online via Microsoft Teams. Two pilots and one HR person in the session. Additional pilot joined in background and could not be seen and did not participate. It was announced that the interview would also be recorded for training purposes. Everyone, including myself took a brief time to make introductions. The session was 90 minutes long and contained TMAAT questions, WWYD questions, Technical Questions, and a Scenario that lasted 15 minutes. I did find the gouge on... Continue reading this interview experience

  6. Mar 17, 2021 Pretty much as described above.  New format all virtual Some technical questions Some HR questions with TMWAT format SBI with different scenarios very short and fast paced (5 or 6) Was offered job same day Everyone was nice and relaxed and very professional Made me feel relaxed and comfortable with the... Continue reading this interview experience

  7. Mar 17, 2021 Super easy and relaxing environment. Everyone was great All virtual and lasted about 90 minutes Couple of TMAAT questions and couple of HR questions Scenario based situation with many different things happening at once from boarding to pushing to take off to approach and landing Final debrief as to what could have been better Was told the same day 2 hours later I had the job and next day was told class would be in August... Continue reading this interview experience

  8. The gouge is spot on. I arrived about 10 minutes before show time, and was towards the end of folks arriving for the day. We started off with a presentation about the company, then moved on to the ATP quiz. Pretty straightforward, I'd say. Study, ignore the piston and turboprop questionsand you'll do fine. From there we broke off to the lounge area, and they came by with a schedule for the day and results from the ATP quiz not too long after. Don't play on your phone! I saw one guy playing... Continue reading this interview experience

  9. Mostly very consistent with what others have posted here. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming. Welcome and presentation by LAS base chief (system chief was on MIL leave.) ATP test, 30 questions, none from W/B or performance. No questions referred to figures, charts, etc. Everyone passed ATP. Lots of waiting around socializing punctuated by logbook review, HR panel, scenario, tech interview, approach brief. Little to no feedback. Small groups called out in the afternoon and not seen... Continue reading this interview experience

  10. The interview format is as covered on here. No surprises. They want to hire you. Just be yourself. Prepare for the... Continue reading this interview experience

  11. Feedback from: Zach C
    (Hired at Frontier Airlines)

    It was very helpful and spot on for what to expect in my interview. Questions, SBI, overall review of material.

    Mar 05, 2020