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In the SBI, they give you instruction to read. Wait till the interviewer allows you to pickup the items, then only read the instructions. My partner started reviewing everything and as asked to stop. The instructions tell you not to discuss the SBI with the other candidates. The SBI was a departure out of Denver to CA. You are given the ATIS, Airport Diagram, Departure, and Approach Plates for DEN and weather at the destination. The interviewer made me the CA (I had less 121 time) and the 7,000 hr CRJ guy the FO. Based on the weather in DEN, (3" of snow on the wings) they are going to ask what you are thinking about before departure based on the weather. They want to hear you will de-ice. He asked the FO what type of de-ice he will request, unfortunately, he said Type 4 only. He also asked what color is Type 4. Be sure to request all the deice info and when the time the deice was started so you can calculate holdover time. Be sure to notice how many departures ahead of you (interviewer will tell you) and this is leading to ensuring you have enough fuel. I... Continue Reading this Scenario