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Delta Air Lines News

This news is updated by a pilot that actually works for Delta Air Lines

Crew Domiciles: ATL, NYC, CVG, DTW, MSP, SLC, SEA, LAX

Number of Pilots: 12000

Number of Aircraft: 737

Type of Aircraft: B-767-300 (14)
A-320-200 (69)
B-767-300ER (55)
B-767-400ER (21)
B-737-700 (10)
B-737-800 (71)
A-330-300 (21)
A-330-200 (11)
MD-90 (16)
DC-9 (58)
B-747-400 (16)
A-319-100 (57)
B-757-200 (167)
B-777-200ER (8)
B-777-200LR (10)
B-757-300 (16)
MD-88 (117)

Most Junior Captain Hire Date: September 1, 1999

-Interviewing completed in fall 2010, future hiring TBD.

-Applications only accepted through airlineapps.com.

-First year pay $3,377.96/mo. until IOE completed, then $60.92/hr.

-$1.6 billion profit reported for 2012.

-DC-9 aircraft expected to be parked by the end of 2013.

-100 new Boeing 737-900 aircraft on order.  First delivery fall 2013.  Slated as replacement aircraft.

-Several used MD-90 aircraft aquired and are currently entering the fleet.

-88 Boeing 717 aircraft (former Airtran/Southwest) entering the fleet 2013.

-12% DC Plan Company Contribution, 2% 401K Company Contribution.

-Several options for health, vision and dental insurance.

-Pilot domiciles: ATL, NYC, CVG, DTW, MSP, SLC, LAX, SEA.  MEM crew based closed in 2012.

-Reserve Guarantee: 72-80 hrs., Lineholder Guarantee 65 hrs. (typical line=72-85 hrs).

-Pilots participate in profit sharing plan.

-Reserves work 15-18 duty periods per bid month.  Long call=12 hour callout, Short call=time to report not defined per contract (promptly available, usually assumed to be 2 hours).  A pilot may be converted to short call up to 6 times per bid month.

-Pilots represented by ALPA.

-Contract becomes amendable Dec. 2012.  In May 2012 ALPA and management reached a tentative agreement on a new contract 7 months ahead of the amendable date.  Pilots vote on the contract in June 2012.  New agreement (if approved) will contain pay raises (4%, 8.5%, 3%, 3%), reserve guarantee increase, profit sharing decrease, work/sick/vacation/training rule changes,  scope changes and per diem increase.