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GoJet Airlines News

This news is updated by a pilot that actually works for GoJet Airlines

Crew Domiciles: STL, ORD, RDU, DEN

Number of Pilots: 495

Number of Aircraft: 49

Type of Aircraft: CRJ700 (49)

Most Junior Captain Hire Date: January 8, 2014

Currently Hiring FO's.

Contract is currently in negotiations.

Contract is close to being TA

Union: Teamsters

New Base opens in Oct. DEN

Reducing Flying out of IAD and Shifting Flying to DEN

Jr Base is RDU however with the reduction of STL, RDU is about the same size as ORD

Largest base is ORD with Delta Connection and United Express ops out of both STL and RDU.

United Express ops only out of ORD.