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United Airlines News

This news is updated by a pilot that actually works for United Airlines


Number of Pilots: 12000

Number of Aircraft: 723

Type of Aircraft: A319/A320 (152)
737-700/800/900 (310)
777-200/300 (74)
757-200/300 (89)
767-300/400 (51)
747-400 (22)
787-800/900 (25)

Most Junior Captain Hire Date: January 2, 2006

The United Pilot Agreement extension was ratified and became effective at the end of January 2016. The extension provided an immediate 16% increase in hourly wages while maintaining profit sharing as well as compensation for voluntarily extending duty periods. In return, the company was given relief to pursue additional long haul routes utilizing the Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS). United is actively interviewing and running new hire classes every week with no end in sight.  Much of this is due to the UPA, FAR Part 117, and large numbers of retiring pilots.  New hire experience has ranged from the minimum published to well over 10,000 hours TT with thousands of hours of Turbine PIC.  While experience is certainly a factor in being selected for the interview, United is also interested in the "total person", i.e., volunteer work, philanthropic activities, community involvement, etc.  Most new hires have been placed in the 737 or A320/319 in IAD, EWR, LAX, and SFO. First year pay effective 2/2016 is $79.24 Second year pay effective 2/2016 is $121.65 (737-800/900 and A320) Reserve guarantee is 70 hours Long Call Reserve is 12 hours Short call is 2:30 to report for duty (one hour prior to push) with financial incentive if needed earlier Minimum days off for reserves in a 31 day bid month is 13; 30 day bid month is 12. An order for 40 737-700's was recently announced to recapture much of the flying recently being performed by regional partners. This order is in addition the 10 777-300's announced in 2015. The first of 35 A350-1000's are scheduled to begin arriving in 2017.