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Read Page 1 ... you learn. Like everyone else I got TMAAT questions, then Sim, (view the sim/scenario section of this website).   After the HR portion  I then watched a CRM video and where a flight crew came in high and fast. The Captained seemed to ignore the FO and SOPs, no calls for checklist, un-stabilized approached and refused to go around after the FO called for a go around at least 4 times. I got asked what I would have done had I been the FO calling a go around. I said I would have told tower that we are going around. The CRM portion was very easy to analyze. Finally make sure you brief the entire SID/STAR with crossing restriction and or speeds. I didn't mention the... Continue Reading this Interview Experience

  1. Nov 17, 2022 Retiring Mil 3000TT 1400PIC All FW/ME Turbine. 145 hrs in last 12 months Timeline: UAL Internal App Submission: Beinning of Fall Hogan Invite: Middle of last month.  Interview Invite: 5 days later.   Interview: this month CJO: Hoping to hear tomorrow Fri but they did say to expect Mon-Wed of the following week. I flew in from the UK (at own expense) the day prior and stayed at a hotel due to a full house at the other hotel. I rented a car for flexibility and also have family... Continue reading this interview experience

  2. Nov 16, 2022 Great interview experience and gouges on this website helped a lot. Very laid back interview experience. You walk in and get checked in with security. After waiting in the cafe, a pilot comes and gives you a tour of the facility and you drop off your logbooks. You get out in a holding room and your pilot interviewer takes you to your interview room. Standard TMAAT questions and straight forward technical portion. Great overall... Continue reading this interview experience

  3. Nov 16, 2022 The entire interview process was very relaxed and everyone at United’s training center was very inviting. Arrived 45 minutes early as requested, checked in with security and met the other candidates in the cafeteria. Went through quick introductions with a senior Captain and was shown United’s museum. Following this, we went into a training room where the interviewing captain met me and brought me to the interview room. The Captain and HR rep both introduced themselves and asked... Continue reading this interview experience

  4. Nov 15, 2022 Everything was pretty much as outlined here on the website. No surprises. Be prepared to explain any checkride failures and or incidents you may have experienced in the past and what you learned from them. The HR lady I had was feasting on those. Everything else was pretty laid... Continue reading this interview experience

  5. Nov 09, 2022 By far the easiest most laid back interview. Like everyone has stated. They take your logbooks and then walk you through the museum. You wait in a room until they call your name. First was, tell me about how you got to this seat today. TMAAT questions (view the study guide of this website).  Technical was pretty easy.  (view the Sim/Scenario section in the study guide of this website).  Ended it with "why united". Interview was 8:00 Wednesday and I received my CJO... Continue reading this interview experience

  6. Nov 09, 2022 Same as everyone else on here for walking in and waiting for the interview. I arrived the day before and stayed at a Hotel, I had a rental car, I drove to the training center at 6:45 am and parked. Walked in at 7 am and went through security and sat in the cafeteria with the 6 other people I was interviewing with. Dropped off logbooks and took the quick tour while they reviewed logbooks. Time to interview. Went to a room with one HR and one pilot, both were very friendly and went over the... Continue reading this interview experience

  7. Nov 09, 2022 Know the 13 briefing items and 7 crm skills. Know how to talk about what CRM and TEM is. Have some good TMAT stories. Start out in cafeteria waiting. You get a little tour and get to see the museum and shop. Then they come grab you from the room. 2-3 hours with a 10 minute break in... Continue reading this interview experience

  8. Nov 08, 2022 Laid back. Gouges were spot on. Know the technical guide and have good stories Heard back in 2 days with... Continue reading this interview experience

  9. Nov 07, 2022 Congratulations on being invited to interview with United Airlines. I’m sure you’ve worked very hard to get to this point, and I am happy to share with you my experience going through this portion of the selection process. After you schedule your interview, you will be provided with a travel voucher a few days later. This voucher will allow you to book your roundtrip ticket to and from Denver. The hotel will be the only thing you would have to take care of, and I would recommend... Continue reading this interview experience

  10. Nov 07, 2022 Overall great experience. United gives you a voucher to book a round trip positive space flight. My recommendation is to stay at the Hotel across from the training center. I had to uber to the hotel as there was no shuttle to pick me up. It is also where all of the pilots in training stay. The shuttle leaves top and bottom of the hour. I had a 1230 Interview slot. I took the 1100 shuttle which gave me plenty of time to check in and meet some of the other pilots also interviewing. Once you... Continue reading this interview experience

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    The information was current and up to date. It had a wide range of interviews and questions. This was such a helpful tool to prepare me for my interviews.

    Nov 08, 2022