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  • Arrived one prior to interview as instructed and met with other interviewees in the cafeteria. I must admit the whole atmosphere was extremely relaxed and the employees expressed their gratitude which actually felt genuine. The first part of the interview was HR where I met with a senior female captain and an HR rep. Both thanked me for being there and seemed pleased that I could make it. I understand everyone needs pilots but this was the most appreciated interview I can ever recall, which reduced the tension immensely! Both were kind and gave a spiel about how the interview would go, specifically they not only wanted TMAA answers but how did you deal with it and what did...

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    Jun 25, 2024
    The other gouges are all spot on. Pilot and HR person start with an intro about themselves then ask about you and how you got where you are today (Intro). 5 TMAAT questions (impossible to know which ones they’ll ask as they use a sheet and select at random, so I won’t bother listing mine). Took a short break and started the technical portion. Very straight forward. Vectored off sid what altitude do you fly? Climb via what altitude do you set? Same questions on STAR. Asked when...

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    Jun 20, 2024
    Interview started with “tell me about yourself”. TMAAT questions. Technical: 737 CA DEN OMA. Wx was fine everywhere, MEL acft downgraded to CAT1. Briefing, couple questions on the SID (top altitude, climb and maintain wwyd) mid-flight GEN DRIVE LIGHT, run QRH started APU and worked. Couple questions on the STAR ( how far to start down and slow down) weather drops below mins after FAF WWYD. Diverted and then what went well and what was the strongest CRM topic used during flight....

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    Jun 20, 2024
    Tell us about yourself & career TMAAT x5 (view the study guide of this website).   TSA Pre-departure (ORD to DCA in 737) • What are the 13 briefing items (just wanted me to recite them) • Look at airfield diagram/METAR and ID threats for mission o ORD taxiways o Windshear advisory & gusty winds o What are windshear procedures? Said I would avoid for safety & brief the escape maneuver, but didn’t explicitly know that checklist for 737 o Brief B-2...

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    Jun 18, 2024
    Meet and Greet on 6/18/2024 We met at the chief pilot's office where the lead flight attendant spoke with my friend who was able to get me the meet and greet and I. She asked about a few fun things that popped out on my resume she wanted to hear more about. She asked me why United, made sure I knew the core values, and let me know what was going to happen in the next room. In the next room I met with the assistant chief pilot, another one of the pilots whom was former Navy (as am I), and an...

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    Jun 18, 2024
    Arrived at UA facility at 7:00 am for a 8:00am interview. A pilot recruter will meet with the interviewees at the cafeteria and give you a tour of the facility. Then everyone will go to a conference room to be picked up by the interviewer. First question was Why United. Followed by 5 TAAT. Then a the technical portion of a flight. They want the 13 items in your departure briefing. Then a caution message will pup up and you end up diverting. Use 2 in and 2 out throughout the scenario and...

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    Jun 11, 2024
    Exactly as explained on this site. Very nice interviewers and laid back. Intro, 5 tmaat questions followed by 30 minute technical/ scenario portion. Why United at the end. I was offered a cjo 6 days...

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    Jun 07, 2024
    Overall Great experience, everyone was very friendly and encouraging. Two other "interviewees" with me.  We were met in cafeteria by a 777CA. Gave us a tour and took our logbooks. waited until called. Very straightforward, first was "Tell us about yourself" 5 TMAAT Questions (all on this sites study guide), I had 3 Conflict Questions, one CRM and one Customer Service Question. Make sure to answer in the STARR Format. Took a 5 minute Break then had the TECH Portion....

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    Jun 05, 2024
    Event Conference 90-min two-part interview. Very nice interviewers. I had one pilot & 1 HR person 45 min intro & 4 TMAAT stories Took a 5 min break 45 min technical  (view the studoy guide of this website).  DEN-HOU scenario -windshear actions / on ground before & after takeoff -what were my engine failure after takeoff procedures -rejected takeoff procedures -considerations for high/hot/heavy Denver ops -asked me to give them a crew debrief using the briefing guide...

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    May 23, 2024
    Got there an hour and a half early. Go on museum tour an hour prior. Get pulled for first portion, 5 TMAT questions. Quick break. TSA portion was very quick and easy prep using the study guide and you’ll be...

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    May 22, 2024
    6 TMAAT questions, (view the study guide of this website).  Short 5 minute break. Hypothetical flight from DEN - SFO gate to gate briefing. Couples questions on the SID. Make sure to brief RTO and everyone’s evacuation duties. Questions on fuel planning, STARs approaches.  Lastly why United?? I was a previous employee for United so that question went pretty smooth for me. You already got the interview, show up prepared and most importantly a good attitude and you got the...

  11. The trip reports were useful.

    Trevor W Jun 10, 2024

    Hired at United Airlines
    Everything was up to date and accurate!

    Benjamin B May 14, 2024

    Hired at United Airlines