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Air Wisconsin Airlines Study Guide Questions

These study guide questions were submitted by real pilots who actually interviewed with Air Wisconsin Airlines

  1. What is Max airspeed in Class C?
    Airspeed maximum of 200 knots indicated within 4 nautical or 5 statute miles and 2500 feet above the ground of the primary airport.
    200 kias
  2. At what altitude does the speed restriction end in Class B airspace?
  3. What is needed to descend below D/A?
    See 91.175
    Required visibility, Normal maneuvers to the runway, Runway environment (visual).
    required Viz, ALS, Runway environment
  4. If you are flying 121, can you take off from an airport when the current weather is below landing min's?
    Yes. But you need to file an alternate , one hour flight distance with one engine inop in still air .
    Yes you can
  5. What is "BR" in a Metar?
    Mist.. Think (B)aby (R)ain
  6. How would your current boss describe you?
    Safety oriented, dependable Good Pilot.
    Dedicated and hard worker.
    Dedicated team player who wants to make a difference.
  7. What makes a good airline pilot in your opinion?
    Safety first, ability to focus and must be knowledgeable.
    One who takes his or her job serious
  8. What will be your biggest challenge at training for AWAC?
    Learning the lingo and policies.
    Following company procedures verbatim
  9. What can AWAC offer you?
    A very structured training environment and a good place to grow.
  10. Why do you want to work for AWAC?
    AWAC has a good reputation and stable employment and is a company that cares about safety and customers.