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These study guide questions were submitted by real pilots who actually interviewed with American Airlines

  1. Why do you want to fly for AA?
    I have many friends as well as military colleges that work here. I would love to work with them again.
    I’ve had a few aviation jobs. None of them were long term because I want to fly jets for a major airline and be based in Texas.
    What a great company it is.
    Growing up my original dream was to fly for the airlines, after graduating from college, and the necessary flight time, the industry wasn't hiring, now with my current job unstable, I thought this would be a good opportunity to resurrect my dream!
  2. During walk-around before flight in icing conditions, what are you looking for?
    Just to add a thought: look at the fan blades from behind the engine. Ice can build up on the inside of the blades and will require engine heating with sleeves or something similar, prior to start.
    I would check the aircraft surfaces, pitot-static ports, smart probes TAT etc, landing gear, engine fan freely moving, check conditions on the ram and Taxy ways, if ice is found, report to the CA and start coordination for de iced anti iced procedures as aplicable.
    I would check all the aircraft surfaces and make sure they were clean and free of ice. I would also check the pitot and static ports, and also make sure all of them were free of ice. If I had found Ice, I would report to the captain and ask him for de-icing.
    All external heats on the airplane work
  3. First Class passenger is annoyed about the delay at the gate due to duty day crew change, FA won't serve drinks, the person then calls FA names, FA comes to you, Captain is not there yet, FA wants passenger kicked off aircraft, what do you do?
    My airline has a complaints resolution officer. Call dispatch to bring that person in to resolve the issue (Does AA have a rep) In the mean time ask the FA to bring the lead up. Ask the lead if you could talk to the passenger and try to deescalate the situation. If the lead says yes I would take a few min and calmly speak to the pax and let him know we will do everything we can to get you to your destination safely however, if you continue to be abusive we will have to ask you to deplane. I consider my job to treat every passenger as I would like to be treated. That includes giving someone a second chance, if they still continue to act up 86 them.
  4. As you are about to push back, Capt has just rushed on board, you smell alcohol (of course you question the Capt), the response the Capt gives: I was at a game and had alcohol spilled on me, that's why we can smell it, what do you do?
    Captain, I'm concerned about safety and perceptions. Let's contact dispatch and bring them into the loop and get us both tested for alcohol so we can be sure we're both safe to take this flight.
  5. What is you past flying experience and history.
    I flew with the military and some GA flying
  6. Are you familiar with icing holdover charts?
    Let dispatch know there may be a slight delay should there be increased hold short times due to de-ice and anti-ice operations. Let the passengers know we will be anti-icing for safety of flight. Run proper holdover chart by anti-ice brand to ensure airfield drive through or in-place operations allow the plane to depart within time limits.
  7. On an approach there is a thunderstorm 3-4 miles away and the Capt is flying. The storm gets closer and you are now @ 600ft and wind is beyond limits. On your way to the alternate which is 20 min away, would you talk about it? How would you bring it up? when you do bring it up are you going to formally let anyone know about this?
    Inform the Captain the wind is beyond our limits and recommend we divert to our alternate. At 600', if the Captain is still not terminating the approach, I call "Go Around". During the 20 minute divert, I do not talk about the missed approach, just stay focused on preparing for the arrival at the diversion airport. If there is time, I offer to attend to logistics for our passengers. Once we land, I ask the Captain if we can privately debrief the missed approach and diversion. There's no need to formally report the diversion unless the Captain shows a disregard for company procedures, limitations, and safety of flight.
  8. Do you have any questions for us?
    What do you see on my resume that might prevent you from offering me this position?
  9. If you are 200 miles out @ 310, ATC wants 110 @ 40 DME, when do you start descent?
    100 dme
  10. What other airlines have you applied to? Which have you interviewed with?
    United, yes I had an interview with them.
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