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These study guide questions were submitted by real pilots who actually interviewed with Amerijet

  1. Why Amerijet?
    During my career, I have seen Amerijet at many locations, because they were one of my former company’s competitors. I feel I could be a good fit for amerijet since I’m familiar with the type of service they provide, since I was doing the same thing in a former life.
    I like Amerijet because it is a company based in Miami which is where I live, I have seen its growth since 1996 when I was flying in Venezuela DC3 and Amerijet was flying the 727 and occasionally we bumped into each other, it has proven to be a serious company, with excellent aircraft of which I would love to be part of it.
    Good fit for me, MIA base, flying wide-bodies, want to be part of a growing and expanding company. Part of ALPA with new CBA negotiations happening.
    I really like Amerijet because is one of the huge cargo company in EEUU, managing temperature sensitive and Pharmaceuticals products. On the other hand just because they are an established Cargo company since 1974. Furthermore, they have their own 8 767/200/300.
  2. What was the hardest decision you had to make in the cockpit?
    The most difficult was getting the owner of the company out of the cockpit, since he entered without warning, while my co-pilot and I were doing the take-off briefing on the Venezuela-Miami route.
    Shut down one engine
  3. Why did you leave your prior job?
    My previous job (here in Florida) I left because I did not have a work contract and the flights were not constant, therefore financially it was not suitable for me.
    I’m still employed
  4. What makes a good captain?
    Skill (Captain should be fly their aircraft exactly as the airline SOP). Trust (Captain must rely on the training program given to the first officers, to work as a team). Communication (The Captain must be approachable. If something doesn't look right, the F.O. don't want to be afraid).
    First of all, discipline, good judgment and decisions makers, and good communicator with excellent attitude.
  5. What do you know about us?
    Amerijet is a cargo airline company, with its headquartered in Miami, Florida. The primary hub at the Miami International airport to 38 destinations, throughout the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America
  6. Have you had a conflict in the cockpit, if so how did you resolve it?
  7. What is your strength?
    Discipline and humbulness, discipline is 90 % of what makes a professional not only in aviation but in everything really, and I’m not afraid of accepting my mistakes, on the contrary, I’m a person that appreciates constructive feed back, of course with respect, but I appreciate it because it helps me grow and become a better pilot and better person
  8. Will you move to MIA?
    I live in Doral.
    I live in Ft Lauderdale.
  9. Tell me about your background?
    To begin with, I have been in this country for three years where my last flight as airline captain was in May 2019 on an Avior Airlines Airbus 340 on the Barcelona-Venezuela route to Miami and I returned the next day. In the country last year 2021 I worked as a Douglas DC3 pilot and Mechanic for six months, my last flight was on December 22 Opalocka-Nassau and return. Before moving to the USA, I flew for 14 years with Avior Airlines, a company based in Barcelona, ??Venezuela... There I flew the AIrbus 340 as Captain, the Boeing 737 as Captain and the Beech 1900D... before that company I flew for about 10 years in Servivensa in Douglas DC3 as Captain and between these two, in Rutaca and Transmandu Cessna Caravan and Antonov AN2 without contract. I have approximately 16000 flight hours all under 121 operations. I really like mechanics, in fact that's how I started in aviation. I am a person of little talk, strict in flight maneuvers and flexible in knowledge. I have also had three jobs in almost 30 years of career as a pilot, where I could say that I am a stable person in terms of work.
  10. Do long hours bother you?
    Obviously yes, unless they're justified in flying, which I like.
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