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Avelo Air Study Guide Questions

These study guide questions were submitted by real pilots who actually interviewed with Avelo Air

  1. At any time you have broken a rule, regulation or had an FAA violation?
    Yes I filed an asap report
  2. What would you do if enroute a MX issue arises and there is no MX at your destination? Would you consider returning to departure airport?
  3. What would you do if a crew member showed up for the hotel van smelling of alcohol?
    Call another crew member or ground staff (discreetly) and ask them to also assess whether or not they suspect the first officer is intoxicated or not (could be strong mouthwash or something to that effect). Let’s say you are 100% sure, then I would ask inquire directly (in privacy i.e. cockpit door closed) what happened, why the drink? Then I would strongly advise them to call in sick and ask them to remove themselves from the flight as now both our licenses are “on the line” as well as our jobs. (You can’t ignore it and I would suspect it’s against Company Policy also. If the first officer is still insisting that they are able to fly and are not intoxicated, then I would immediately stop the boarding process and call crew scheduling and I would report sick. Afterwards, I would call the Professional Standards Team and discuss the situation with them.
    Remove him from the flight have him call in sick
  4. How do you fly the VOR approach into JFK with no radar?
  5. What are holding speed restrictions?
    MHA - 6,000' - 200 KIAS 6,001' - 14,000' - 230 KIAS 14,001' and above - 265 KIAS
  6. Walk me through your descent planning?
  7. Tell me about yourself?
  8. Why did you leave your last job?
  9. We check your PRIA, so tell me about all your check ride failures (if any), what happened?
  10. Why you want to work for Avelo?

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    Feedback from: George H
    (Hired at Avelo Air)

    Great experience would recommend to friends!

    Mar 08, 2023