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    Apr 23, 2024
    Phone screen - why Atlas, and regular background questions. Information panel then interview scheduled a month out because I was busy and wanted to be able to bid time off to review. Tech portion - Material was given a week prior and 99% of questions were based off of that. from sheet: reading metar, taf, lost comms. wx prog charts symbology, how to give a position report, volcanic ash avoidance, ICAO holding, how to say TO clearance when given an initial fix, 3:1 Descent, Hong Kong...

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    Mar 07, 2024
    The Interview was a relaxed experience, I had to read a metar, I didn't know two things Hal was nice and he told me what they were. Also had to brief an approach, asked how would I fly this approach in visual conditions ( they are looking for configuration/ gear down etc (3nm to FAF be fully configured/ stabilized approach criteria). Hal is looking for pilots that seem to be the ones that are easy to get along with and personalities are a match for a great work environment (small company so...

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    Jan 11, 2024
    My background consists of mostly helicopter time In the military. Recently completed my ratings and time building; was hired at a 135 operation with 500 hours fixed wing time. The interview was on Teams with the chief pilot and Director of human resources. Questions were very similar to the ones listed in the previous posts. Tell me about a time, why Avelo, explain any unsat check rides and what got me into flying versus other occupations. There were no technical questions, pretty cut...

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    Jan 03, 2024
    Interview was over a teams call, very relaxed overall. HR questions as expected; tell me about yourself, biggest strength, biggest weakness, why Avelo? Tell me about a time when you made a quick decision. Technical portion asked questions about the aircraft and company I currently fly for such as a few aircraft limitations and company policies regarding first officer limitations. Also was presented with take off minimums for New Haven asked to explain what was...

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    Nov 29, 2023
    It only lasted about 30 mins (was only sched for 45). That was pretty much on par w/ everything I saw on AviationInterviews.com. Started out w/ interviewers introducing themselves and then they asked me to ‘tell me about yourself’. I gave them my intro. The end of my intro, I briefly touched on ‘why Avelo’. Hoping that the next question would be ‘tell me more about why Avelo’. I was a little disappointed they didn’t ask, but I was able to work...

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    Nov 21, 2023
    I was asked 0 technical questions just TMAAT. No CJO just informed I was put into a pool of candidates and might be contacted for a class date in the future. Laid back interview style with chief pilot and one HR employee. Seems like a good place to work and growing in the...

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    Oct 25, 2023
    The interview was conducted via TEAMS and started right on time. The interviewers were very warm and friendly. The interview only took about 35 minutes and was very straight forward and relaxed. The only technical questions asked were a fairly "busy" METAR and some abnormal TO minimums (reference the study guide here and it'll address specifics). The rest of the time was primarily HR and TMAAT questions such as "How did you get into aviation?", "Why Avelo?",...

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    Sep 28, 2023
    Interview was with HR person and Captain and was mostly HR questions (tell me about yourself, TMATT, how did you get into flying), questions about your current flying and hours (probably because I am just over 1500) and only a few technical questions (reading METAR, takeoff mins). Study the questions here and be prepared for HR interview and you will do...

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    Sep 06, 2023
    Very much as others described. Being a current 121 pilot, I was asked no technical questions, but instead TMAAT questions as well as questions about my background and experience. Why Avelo? Career goals? Really felt as though they wanted to see if I was someone they would like working with and if I would fit with their culture. They also seem to be looking for folks who want to come aboard and stay, not folks who are just looking to use them as a step to somewhere else. I can't blame them,...

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    Sep 05, 2023
    Very pleasant experience! The interview had an HR rep and a former Chief Pilot. It felt like a nice conversation and I did not feel pressured at all. I got a couple technical questions; metar and a 10-9a form. Study your metar remarks sections and know about 121 departure/arrival/approach procedures as well as alternate info. The whole interview was 30 minutes long and the team was...

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