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These study guide questions were submitted by real pilots who actually interviewed with Breeze Airways

  1. Tell us something about yourself that is not on your resume so we can get to know you better.
    I’m about to have my 20 year anniversary to my wife and we got married right before I joined the Army. I have three boys and a daughter and my daughter is the youngest and we adopted her from China. They are the biggest consideration for me with any company.
    I am Mexican-American, raised in Georgia, have traveled to many countries, my favorite books are Sci-Fi, exercise by weight lifting and riding bicycles thru the park and I enjoy comedy and Improv theatre.
    I'm 40 years old, was born in Brazil, been in an airline market for about 14 years, flew different types of arcft. I love reading investment books, I'm passionated for soccer.
    I'm from New Orleans, have an 8yr old son, 25 yr retired Navy helicopter guy, football lover, love to fish, avid reader (4 per month) last book was Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell (explores nuances of communication and miscommunication complicated by socio-economic and political factors.
  2. Tell me about a time when you made a co-worker feel good.
    I try to build up my co-pilots by acknowledging when they do something good. Having a positive attitude is necessary to be successful in life and at work.
    After a long working journey shift, I told them how greatful I was been workin with them.
    I try to do this on every trip with my crew. At the end of our trip, I like to tell the F.O. and F/A's that they did a great job and how much I appreciate their hard work.
  3. Tell me about a time when you were involved in a dispute at work and how you handled it.
    One situation that stands out is when in CFI academy. An instructor that was unpopular with the pilots scheduled multiple flights knowing that we would exceed the weight limits of the small training aircraft. I spoke with him about the weight and balance issues, but his reaction was always to blow me off. I refused to fly with him knowingly exceeding the aircrafts limits. This was stressful because we just went over doing correct weight and balances before each flight. So I had to inform his direct supervisor to resolve the issue. This led to backlash from him who attempted to get me fired by lying the CEO saying that I was yelling at a waiter at a restaurant. Luckily he was let go soon after, but it was an extremally stressful situation being new at the company. It was a learning situation, leading me to always include my first officer in the planning process.
  4. Why are you excited about Breeze?
    Having a CEO with a proven track record who is actively creating a great working environment with new aircraft. Is a very motivating reason to join this new and growing airline.
    My best friend is a Captain at Breeze and he can't stop talking about this new amazing airline. And they have a new Airbus!
  5. Why should we hire you?
    Building a team of qualified crew with good attitudes is necessary to create a successful atmosphere. I have the experience to fly this great aircraft. And the attitude to build up the people around me.
    I believe I have the right skills, qualities, and requirements to match the job discerption. You should hire me because I will be in the place that you want me to be at. I will be very good role model to represent the company.
  6. Can you describe your actions if you experienced a communications failure?
    We get communication failures sometimes when switching to a new frequency. This is sometimes due to reception due to altitude or location. If we get no response after a few attempts, we can switch back to the previous frequency to get a new frequency.
    I would ensure that it is not a user error and squawk 7600. If I am in IMC conditions I would first determine my route which would either be the assigned, vectored, expected or filed route. The altitude would be the highest of the minimum IFR, expected or assigned. If I am in VMC conditions I would continue and land under VFR.
  7. Can you describe your decision making process in detail?
    1- Assess the situation. 2- Review the possible actions, Including what-if scenarios. 3- Choose the best plan of action with the available information. 4- Monitor and reassess as more information is received.
    I am very much a pros and cons list guy. I like to break the whole decision and outcome down by pros and cons.
  8. What about Breeze interests you?
    I love the opportunity to fly Airbus A220-300! It is an great new airplane and flying it would be great.
    Their culture. The aircraft they fly. Growing company and their bases.
  9. What is the biggest experience that shaped your career?
    I took a big risk when leaving my position and selling my home to finance flight training. With no guarantee of being successful. And it has been worth it!
  10. Tell me a time you had to make a difficult decision?
    We fly a smaller Pilatus PC-12 so weight and balance is an issue. Whenever having to bump a passenger it is difficult. I don't like disappointing a customer. I attempt to explain my reasoning to leave the customer knowing that it is for safety. And nothing to do with the person personally.
    Leaving the airlines in ‘06 .
  11. Praveen S

    (Hired at Breeze Airways)

    The interview gauge was spot on. Helped me get the job I wanted. Thanks!

    Feb 18, 2024  

    Joy A

    (Hired at Breeze Airways)

    I used this for my interview at Breeze and Piedmont and I got both jobs! So it works, it’s great!

    Jan 12, 2024