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    Jul 08, 2024
    Very professional introduction. Retired Captain and retire FA. They both appeared relaxed and disarming but there was no question they were looking at body language and countenance during questions. Nothing extraordinary, TMAT for an emergency, customer service opportunity example, getting along with crew mates, how to instill confidence and camaraderie, all normal background questions and pilot history, several scenario based questions such as what would you do if a team mate appears unfit...

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    Apr 17, 2024
    I interviewed with a retired flight attendant, and a retired airline captain. Very friendly and conversational. Several questions from each and matched what others have said on here. Have some experiences ready to relate to them. Try to incorporate the Breeze principles in your answers also. I heard back with a job offer in 1...

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    Apr 02, 2024
    Super chill interview, no technical questions, although I made a point of mentioning technical stuff in my answer. absolutely nice and calm HR and retired American Captain. Have stories ready in STAR format so you can stay brief but interesting. Make sure you do not talk badly about former employers. Read as much as possible about the Breeze company, concept and...

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    Mar 15, 2024
    Teams meeting format, went over resume, interviewed by Captain and retired FA. Very Professional, matched all interview gouges. Very few technical questions. Mostly TMAT regarding crew interactions, past emergencies, how do you handle conflicts on the aircraft. (view the study guide of this website).  Be prepared to discuss flight...

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    Mar 14, 2024
    Nothing unexpected, very chill interview, i wasnt asked anything not on the study guide. it seems like theyre just looking for good people. Not sure when ill likely get a class date, the latest i was told was summer. i think the training department is backed up converting folks to the...

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    Feb 26, 2024
    All the information listed here about the interview was spot on. Interviewers put you right at ease and want to just talk to you. Do think about your past experiences with situations or people you encountered and come up with a few for the...

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    Feb 19, 2024
    Questions on study guide were accurate. No technical questions. I left Republic to fly part 91 and the first question was "Why did you leave Republic?" Interviewers were very friendly and also professional, no "gotcha" questions of any kind. Hypothetical scenario, (view the study guide of this website).  Didn't ask about 141 stage check failures. Wanted to know why Breeze, have a good answer that doesn't make it sound like a stepping stone. They like people who move...

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    Feb 14, 2024
    Very laid back experience from start to finish. Several tedious steps to get to the point of receiving an interview invitation, but actual interview was very low threat, more conversational than anything. Breeze clearly prides themselves on kindness and that characteristic was very much so reflected by the interviewers. In my opinion, if you receive the interview invitation and are able to present yourself as a kind, respectful individual with good moral character, you shouldn’t have...

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    Feb 13, 2024
    I submitted my application the first week of the year. A week later they asked for my resume and to fill out a pilot questionnaire. Another week went by and I received an email to complete an On Demand Interview where there were 4 prerecorded questions (no human interaction). During the On Demand Interview, you got to hear the question twice and then answer within 2 minutes. After completion, 2 days later I received a request to fill out a logbook worksheet. Once I submitted that,...

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    Feb 07, 2024
    This website is spot on. All of the interviews were very relaxed and conversational. Review all of the questions and think of a handful of stories to speak on and you should do...

  11. Prep was spot on for two airline interviews I attended. I was offered a Captain job at both.

    James B May 29, 2024

    Hired at Breeze Airways
    I was grateful for the questions that I read on this website. It was very helpful in preparing for my interview.

    Tammy O May 18, 2024

    Hired at Breeze Airways