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Pretty much as advertised. VERY laid back with two interviewers in the board. Questions were based on the core values. The core values were not specifically asked but do know them! They first went over the resume and... Continue Reading this Interview Experience

  1. Jan 25, 2023 Others that have recently entered more thorough details on the interview process were spot on, so thank you to them. Both interviewers immediately put me at ease and were very friendly. The questions were along the themes of those that have been previously suggested. They covered the reason for my interest in Breeze, a flying background check including experience(s), particularly with CRM and crew interaction. Lessons learnt from previous instructors, issues dealing with a difficult crew... Continue reading this interview experience

  2. Jan 23, 2023 Short notice for TEAMS interview with a Captain and HR person. Very relaxed. Took exactly 45 minutes. I was not asked any technical questions. Be prepared to go over your flying experience as stated on your resume with the timeline. Was probably asked 4-5 questions by each. The questions were all from the gouge but may be asked in a slightly different format.  There is time for you to ask questions toward the end during the wrap-up. I received a CJO in less than 24 hrs. I was told they... Continue reading this interview experience

  3. Jan 23, 2023 Very quick and straightforward process as others have described. I submitted my application at the end of last year. I received an email requesting more information a few days later. After submitting the additional information sheet, I received an invitation the same day to conduct a recorded video interview NLT, I completed the video interview and received a request for my logbook. I did not have an electronic logbook, so it took me a day to scan my military logbooks and I sent them, I... Continue reading this interview experience

  4. Jan 16, 2023 Applied through their website with a cover letter and resume and heard back within a few days, asking to fill out a First Officer Questionnaire (mostly about hours and flying experience). Got an invitation to complete an on demand video interview which you have 3 days to complete. It was 4 questions that are prerecorded videos of Breeze crew members asking the questions. You have 20 seconds to record yourself asking and can replay the question once for more time - do this! It's a little... Continue reading this interview experience

  5. Jan 10, 2023 Started off the interview with two people, retired AA FA and Southwest Captain. Asked about my TT and jet time then reviewed my resume with basic questions about how I got to where I am now. Moved on to the gouge interview 100% the same. This was a great source of info. Very laid back and friendly. Asked a few “tell me about a time” questions, just review the gouge and have good STAR type responses. They are looking for candidates that will create and maintain a NICE culture.... Continue reading this interview experience

  6. Jan 04, 2023 Pretty much as advertised. VERY laid back with two interviewers in the board. Questions were based on the core values. The core values were not specifically asked but do know them! They first went over the resume and had some specific questions based on that, mostly on flight experience.  (view the study guide of this website).  At the end they asked if I failed any check rides and had any letters of investigation. Also, was I involved in an accident or incident- basically repeat... Continue reading this interview experience

  7. Jan 03, 2023 About three workdays between events as follows: Applications sent Request more info via questionnaire Request video recorded interview Request logbooks Request availability for full interview via Teams Interview Video recorded interview is as described by others. I recommend hitting repeat for every question. It will replay the 20-30 second video again and start the 20 second cloaca over. Buys you some time to gather your thoughts. All the questions were straight from the gouge on here.... Continue reading this interview experience

  8. Dec 19, 2022 Very informal and comfortable interview process that went relatively quick. After submitting my initial application about a month ago I was contacted shortly after by email 2 days later to complete a "First Officer Questionnaire." All that consisted of was your basic flying history, times, etc.. Very short form. After submitting that ( I returned it the same day I received it) I was contacted again by email at the beginning of this month to select a date for the "On-Demand... Continue reading this interview experience

  9. Dec 12, 2022 The interview gouge was spot on. The whole process starts with applying online, then they reach out to fill out a logbook questionnaire (just more details about your hours), then you do an “on demand” interview, the the actual virtual interview. The virtual interview questions were very similar to what’s in the gouge. Basically you get on a website, it explains the process. They ask you a question that is pre recorded. It then gives you the option to repeat the question or... Continue reading this interview experience

  10. Dec 07, 2022 The entire interview process was as stated in other interview experiences from applying to the virtual interview which lasted about an hour with with two current line pilots. It unlike any other interviews I have done, extremely laid-back in general mainly all conversational that mostly included TMAAT questions in which they are really wanting to get to know you and what you can bring to the upstart airline. It really seems like they are looking for people who want to be there and take a... Continue reading this interview experience

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    (Hired at Breeze Airways)

    That this was a great way to find out all the real interview information, from pilots who just completed it.

    Jan 08, 2023