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The process happened quickly, Applied (Day 1) for the A220 Captain and Captain Qualified FO position Next day (Day 2) I received the A220 Pilot Questionnaire, I completed it and returned it. Later that afternoon (still Day 2), I received... Continue Reading this Interview Experience

  1. Sep 15, 2022 It was an On-demand interview. Three questions were asked. Tell us something about yourself that is not on your resume, so we can get to know you better. Experiences that helped you to decide on aviation as your career. The time you were involved in a dispute at work, and how did you handle... Continue reading this interview experience

  2. Sep 13, 2022 It was a rather friendly and relax experience. I was interviewed by a panel of 2 ( A retired Cabin crew and retired former US Airways and AA Captain. Their names were Garry and Peggy. Right away they suggested that I could remove my tie. Interview probably lasted a bit more than 50 min simply because we had lots of laughs and a pleasant conversation. The questions asked were in par with what have been said here previously mostly. Telle me a bit about yourself that is not on the Resume.... Continue reading this interview experience

  3. Sep 05, 2022 The interview was just like here on this site. I interviewed with two gentleman both were former pilots. All questions are about your resume and HR questions. There were no technical questions. My interview lasted about 35 minutes. Good experience. Very nice... Continue reading this interview experience

  4. Aug 25, 2022 The interview the was in a virtual format with two very friendly HR interviewers, former pilot and former FA. They asked HR questions with one TMAT. The questions volunteer work that I’d done to give back to the community, to tell them about a time my actions had prevented a late departure, and how I’ve dealt with a difficult crew member. They also asked about a time I’ve broken company... Continue reading this interview experience

  5. Aug 23, 2022 Very enthusiastic and friendly interviewers. Questions are straight forward. They want to hear TMAAT story formatted using STAR (situation task action result) where you incorporate sound decision making. Also sprinkle in the company core values. They asked where you see yourself in five years. I told them well established with Breeze as they are not a regional but a career. 25 minute interview, and 5 minutes of them answering questions. Showing confidence, displaying a “Nice”... Continue reading this interview experience

  6. Aug 09, 2022 Such a great experience. The recruiters were quite friendly. I had one question that was not shared here before. So, prepared for an unexpected question as well. (view the study guide of this website). Interview was only 35 minutes in total from logon to logoff. Offer letter came 4 days later. But there was weekend in between. Good luck... Continue reading this interview experience

  7. Jul 25, 2022 Online interview by Recruiting Team of 2 members. Retired senior Capt and Management. Introduction was warm and kept me composed with their approach. Then they asked me to speak about myself that's not in the CV. Then Questions (view the study guide of this website).  Session completed in about 40 mins, given time to ask any clarifications from our end. Informed that the results will be given by next Friday, if selected. Awaiting... Continue reading this interview experience

  8. Jul 18, 2022 Interview is very laid back. Be yourself and just answer their questions honestly. They asked a TMAAT question for each core value. I was asked no questions that were not already on this site. They give brief backgrounds about themselves and then asked me to talk about myself. They gave me a toss up question in the beginning, too. “What’s your favorite song?” It was just to sort of break the ice. No technical... Continue reading this interview experience

  9. Jul 05, 2022 As described on this site. Emailed a pilot questionnaire about 1 week after the initial app, and then 5 days after that invited to the recorded interview. Recorded consisted of 4-5 questions pretty much the same as what's described in the study guide. Subsequent week request for logbook review and "face-face" interview over video call with one retired pilot and a flight attendant. The interview was very relaxed and fun. The interviewers put you at ease and spark some jokes as... Continue reading this interview experience

  10. Jun 29, 2022 They basically went through a question for each of the SKIIES values. A question correlated to each. For example for Ingenuity they asked me to TMAAT for how I dispute enguity didn’t have to be aviation related! I just prepped for the inteview by thinking about a few experiences that I could apply to various questions like that and I used those in the interview. Asked about checkride failure as well, just wanted to see that you own up to failing and show that you’ve learned from... Continue reading this interview experience

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    Exactly as described

    May 25, 2022