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Cape Air Study Guide Questions

These study guide questions were submitted by real pilots who actually interviewed with Cape Air

  1. Describe an incident of conflict and how you resolved it.
  2. What is your Pet peeve?
    When people are talking on the phone while driving instead of focusing on the road.
  3. Lineman gives bad signals, how do you handle it?
    Try to make verbal contact with him and explain the situation. You can also place a radio call to operations. If unsafe, stop and ask for clarification.
  4. Your gear is stuck down, do you take another trip?
    You need a ferry permit to stiff-leg the Cessna 402 to a maintenance base. This requires a Cape Air approved mechanic to inspect the plane and sign off the ferry permit.
  5. If you are up all night with sick spouse/kid and have duty next day, what do you do?
    You must always follow the best rules for safety. It is always best to prepare for each flight. If, however, you are too sick to work, it is most optimum to call in at your earliest opportunity, so that a replacement can be sought.
  6. Would you help load bags, call passengers if necessary?
  7. How would you handle a passenger freaking out over lightning, turbulence, whatever?
    I would explain to him that it is normal and happens every day and it is not affecting the safety of flight. The best option for those who have fear of flying is to understand weather is normal, pilots have a lot of experience, training and cope with this very frequently.
  8. Would you leave for an interview elsewhere after start training?
    No, I'd not. Once training has started I am commited with the company, my option is done and I will stay and follow my agreement.
  9. What makes you more competitive than other candidates?
    It is difficult to tell about the others and easy to talk about me. I fell like nobody wants more this job than me. I share my experience and after learning everything about the company and its operation make part of the team. I have all my best to offer to Cape Air.
  10. What is the DP RW24?
    Climb 700' on runway heading then proceed on course

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