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  • Interview was held via a online session with a gentleman named Vinny. Interview was pretty straight forward and Vinny seems like a nice guy and we had a bit of conversation before getting to the technical stuff. Everything went pretty well but they have apparently been inundated with applicants so its hard to even get an interview these days. Went over the basics as far as willingness to relocate, expected commitments and the like then on to basic...

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    Jul 19, 2024
    Interview was very easy and exactly as depicted by others on the website who posted their interview. I had it with Caroline, who was super nice and made me feel very comfortable. Basic HR questions, some TMAAT questions and a few basic multi engine questions on engine failures and how a turbocharger works. Study the guide and you should be fine. I did my interview on a Friday and she told me to expect to hear back at the start of next...

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    Jul 15, 2024
    JetBlue Gateway candidate. Took about 4 weeks to hear back for a virtual Microsoft Teams interview after applied on the CapeAir pilot website. And a few days after MT interview. Straight forward interview and relaxed. Caroline was excelent, kind and makes you feel very comfortable. I was asked TMAAT and a couple of technical questions about turbocharged and multi VYSE. Caroline spoke about company, benefits, what to expect after interview and next available training classes. Awesome...

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    Jul 02, 2024
    My interview was with 2 people from HR(human resources). It was via video and lasted for approximately 30 minutes. It was pretty straight forward. They both introduced themselves and told me about their backgrounds with the company. They asked me general HR type questions about myself.  (view the study guide of this website).  What questions do you have for us? I was told that I should hear back no later than two weeks from the date of my...

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    Jun 14, 2024
    Interview was performed by Caroline. She made me feel comfortable. Started askin a copule TMAAT questions, then technical questions. Engine failure procedures, what js vmc, and what is vyse. Pretty much what is published in the study questions. The interview was around 45 minutes, maybe 25 being the questions itself. She will make you feel comfortable so if you study the questions here it should all be...

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    Jun 14, 2024
    The interview was really friendly. Caroline started off asking HR questions just like on the study guide. She then asked basic multi engine failure questions for the technical part.  The interview was around 45 minutes long, based on everything that can be studied...

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    Jun 12, 2024
    Interview was very easy and exactly what I expected from this website. I had a interview with Caroline. I answered all the technical questions correctly. but I got the result saying that "No". My friend told me that there are a lot of captains for...

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    Jun 05, 2024
    The bulk of my interview was HR, TMAAT, and talking about the company. I was asked two technical questions. She asked me two questions, (view the study guide of this website).  Caroline was very bubbly and a wealth of knowledge about the company. Great...

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    Jun 04, 2024
    Was recommended by a friend to Cape Air who walked in my resume. I interviewed the next week and had a thirty minute interview with one HR representative and one chief officer. Everything seemed to go well during the technical portion where most questions were over instrumental flight and reviewing my expertise on my resume. I messed up on the tell me about a time question. I had a failed check ride and practiced eons on the STAR method but never got to the achieved results or my comeback...

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    May 17, 2024
    I got a link to schedule a virtual interview from HR in 2 days after applying for a Captain position. The first available date was in next 2 days. The interview was very friendly and straight forward. There were two people on the meeting: HR agent Caroline and Pilot Cameron. Both were friendly and polite. HR potion consisted from questions why Cape air? TMAT and how would you provide a customer service. Pilot portion included just two questions (view the study guide of this website). ...

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    May 06, 2024
    The questions were exactly as expected and a very straight forward interview, I was given about 3-4 days to think about my decision. Interview was conducted by two people, with Caroline asking HR related questions while Cameron asked Technical questions. After the interview process, they answered any questions I had, lasted about 45mins total. I previously met Caroline in Person where she had taken in my...

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    Oleg K Jun 10, 2024

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    I got text updates as soon as new sim sessions or interviews for my companies had posted. Invaluable info on any company you are applying to.

    Nepheir V Apr 17, 2024

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