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These study guide questions were submitted by real pilots who actually interviewed with Contour Airlines

  1. What is the difference between SIGMETs and AIRMETS?
    AIRMETs are issued for less severe weather conditions that may affect lighter aircraft, while SIGMETs are issued for more severe conditions that may affect all aircraft.
  2. What is an MEL?
    Minimum Equipment List: A list of what can be broken and for how long and the aircraft remains airworthy. It is prepared by operator, based on the MMEL (Master MEL) and approved by the FAA. The MEL is not a carte blanch to operate the aircraft in a permanent state of disrepair and includes limitations on how long you can fly with something broken.
    An equipment list is a list of items that must be operational for a particular flight. For example, the landing lights in the Cessna 172 do not have to be operational for flights during the day but must be operational for flights at night.
    An equipment list is a list of items that must be operational for a particular flight.
  3. What is RVSM airspace?
    Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum. Significantly increases the number of Airplanes in a defined space (Double in theory) Plus it allows pilots to pick more efficient altitudes for turbulence avoidance.
  4. What are IFR minimums?
  5. What is VMC on a multiengine airplane?
    minimum controllable airspeed
  6. What is the critical engine?
    The engine that will most adversely effect the performance of the aircraft if it fails. Usually it's the left engine in a conventional multiengine airplane.
    left engine
  7. What does Vyse mean on the airspeed indicator?
    Vyse (Blue Line at 105kts) is your single-engine best rate of climb speed if you were to be running on one engine (other engine INOP)
  8. What qualities do you find in a good manager?
  9. Do you have a valid Passport?
  10. Do you have a valid first class medical?
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