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These study guide questions were submitted by real pilots who actually interviewed with Emirates

  1. What is the Long and Lat of Dubai?
    25.2 N 55.3 E
  2. In relation to CG the center of pressure is?
    The C of P is aft of the C of G.
  3. They put us in a point in-between the US and Europe and told us there was smoke in the back and gave us three options on where to land.
    Reijavik, Canaries, are we past the mid-point? Nearest "suitable" airport? Which is closest?
    land ASAP
    my suggestion is try to land ASAP!
  4. What type of Engine is on our 777-200?
    RR Trent 800
    rolls royce
  5. Where in Africa do we fly?
    Zimbabwe Uganda zambia Egypt cote d'Ivoire Argelia Angola Kenya Ethiopia guinea Mauritius Morocco Senegal Nigeria South Africa tunisia
    Tunisia , Algeria , Casablanca , south Africa , Lagos , Cairo ,
    Harare, Lusaka
    Casablanca, Tunis, Tripoli, Johannesburg, Dar Es Salaam, Nairobi, Entebbe, Lagos, Cairo, Alexandria, Accra, Abidjan, Khartoum, Addis Ababa, Seychelles, Mauritius.
    south Africa
  6. Have you ever had an emergency in an airplane?
    Yes, it was an emergency descent due loss of cabin pressure because left cockpit window just blow at 28000 feet.
    Yes a emergency descent following a window crack and a pressurization controller failure;
    Say Yes if You have, but tell the whole experience with details.
  7. Why did you get involved in flying?
    I always say we born with an inspiration, in my case I saw my father enjoying the aeronautical life he walked, I remember me in the past surrounded by aerodynamics and meteorology books in each shield at my child home. It was a dream, it is a reality today.
    It was very natural way, In past I loved hear my grandfather stories about his flights, , he was a military pilot, He works in a transportation section, and I always dreamed with that possibility, to become a Pilot in the future..
    to follow the path of my ancestor
    A kids dream, converted into reality! just by persevering.
  8. What do you know about Islam?
    It is a religion based on the monoteism who God is Ala. The Coran is the holy book.
    It's a Monoteist religion well spread all over the world.
    It is the world's 2nd leading Religion, it is Monoteist, has the same basis of Christianity.
    It is based on the 5 pillars of faith
  9. How do you think your life will change by living here?
    I have lived in the Gulf for 10 years with my family, we are familiar with the Gulf
    With the multicultural environment and a complete different style our life can't be nothing else than fantastic.
    It will IMPROVE a lot, I believe I will have more time to be with my Family, spend less time flying back and forth to be at Home.
  10. Why you didn’t you bring your wife to the interview?
    She had a meeting and couldn't, with short notice, find a way to get 4 days OFF. sorry. we Talk about that and she's happy to quit her job had some nice time here and to take care of herself and our younger daughter.
    She is back Home, taking care of the Kids, BUT SHE'S IS TOTALLY COMMITTED TO COME AND LIVE IN DUBAI.
  11. Logan S

    There were many questions from my specific company that were on the study guide that helped me plan out how to explain my answers. I found the website very easy to understand and use.

    Jul 05, 2024  

    Sergio V

    Very helpful information!

    Jul 05, 2024