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The Interview process is a 4 day affair. The first day is the only day you can learn and study for. This includes a sim ride in a 777 or A310. It doesnt matter as you need not know anything about the a/c you will be briefed on them. You will fly a vis circuit to get a feel for it. And then a schedule flight from Dubai where you will have a problem and decide want you want to do. The assesment is based on management and some stick and rudder stuff. Whatever your company procedures are use them and brief your "PNF" about them. They don't expect you to know Emirates SOP so don't even try. I screwed up a simple radial intercept on the RMI as there is no LNAV or Plan view just simple compass rose. My other skills must have pulled me through. also on day 1 will be a technical exam about 30 Qs. A Maths... Continue Reading this Interview Experience