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Empire Airlines Study Guide Questions

These study guide questions were submitted by real pilots who actually interviewed with Empire Airlines

  1. When can you descend below DH using the ALS as a reference?
    1. Stable approach 2. Flight visibility is not less than visibility prescribed in the approach used 3. Using the ALS you can descend below DH up to 100ft AGL from TDZE, to continue below 100ft you must have the red terminating bars or red side row bars in sight and identifiable.
    When Red terminating bars or Red Side row bars are in sight
  2. What do you know about Empire?
    Limited to Public posted information.
  3. Why do want to work here?
    Am airline of good repute and good financial standing.
  4. What do you want from Empire?
    Career growth, Command prospects .Transfer to heavier, more advanced aircraft.
  5. Name two scary experiences flying.
    Aileron roll hardover! Wake turbulence hit on ATR by 747 Freighter on a go around at night while we were at 1600 ft on final at night and lost control.
  6. How did you get interested in flying?
    Followed the footsteps of my dad and distant Uncle.
  7. What are you doing now?
    Actively seeking my next flying job and career progression into jet transportation as a Senior First Officer and aspire for Aerocraft Command prospects.
  8. Why do you like flying?
    I have an intimate connection with flying aeroplanes in tbe sky and am in love with all ots infrastructures. I enjoy the lifestyle, privilege, and prestige that comes along with the profession. I enjoy being challenged to my personal limits and enjoy working in the style teams work in airliner flying.
  9. What is hyperventilation?
    hyperventilation is when the body has too much Oxygen and not enough Co2
  10. What is hypoxia?
    Lack of oxygen to body tissues

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    (Hired at Empire Airlines)

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    Mar 08, 2023