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These study guide questions were submitted by real pilots who actually interviewed with Endeavor Air

  1. What is viscous hydroplaning?
    Viscous hydroplaning- when the oil/rubber build up on the runway and your tires cant break through the layer Dynamic hydroplaning- when the water level on the runway is deeper than your tread depth and you builds up lifting the tires off the surface. Reverted rubber hydroplaning- when your tire is locked and now rubber along with steam lift the tires off the runway .
    When oil or accumulated rubber combines with water on a runway, it can form an impenetrable layer of liquid your tires can't break through. This is especially problematic on smooth asphalt runways.
    Hydroplaning that requires a very smooth surface (ie new pavement, rubber coated pavement). Thin layer of water, low tire speed. Anything more than gentle braking can cause tires to lock.
  2. What is maximum speed in class charlie airspace within 4 nm from an airport?
    AIM 3-2-4 – At or below 2,500 feet AGL within 4 NM of a primary airport of a Class C airspace area, maximum indicated airspeed is 200 KIAS.
    200 Knots.
  3. What is the cross in the circle symbol represent in the airport plan view?
    Airport Reference Point ARP.
  4. A crew-member must breathe oxygen above how many feet?
    121.333 When operating at flight altitudes above flight level 250, one pilot at the controls of the airplane shall at all times wear and use an oxygen mask secured, sealed, and supplying oxygen. The exception is, if quick don oxygen masks are available, one pilot at the controls need not wear and use oxygen for a
    Above FL410
    Above F350 - If one crew member has left his seat. Or, except that the one pilot need not wear and use an oxygen mask while at or below flight level 410 (but aboe FL 350) if there are two pilots at the controls and each pilot has a quick-donning type of oxygen mask. ----FL250 requires a 10 min supply of supplemental oxygen on board
    91.211 (1)(ii) Above FL350 when one crew member leaves his station. Above FL410:one crew member wears mask at all times.
  5. What is your clearance limit when cleared for the approach and then you lose comms?
    You are cleared to the holding fix in the missed
  6. The maximum intensity and or development of a thunderstorm is during the Mature stage?
    According to AC00-6B "Weather hazards reach peak intensity toward the end of the mature stage."
  7. When do you need an alternate airport?
    123 Rule one hour before, to one after your ETA, 2000 feet agl, or, 1500 above the HAT, whichever is higher, and 3 miles visibility, or 2 miles above the straight in minimums, whichever is greater.
  8. How would you rate your current employer?
    8 out of ten, very solid company , family owned. Highly qualified coworkers and very professional environment. I would like them to have a more organized Maintenace program but I know they are working on it and I’m sure they’ll improve on that in the short future. I’m very thankful to them overall for everything they’ve taught me and the trust they have put on me during this last few years.
    The ability to know the worlds AVIATION cultures and the powers of the United nations upon all nation members, the legality of the civil aviation agencies of the world to implement U.N. mandates.
    Our Air Force is the best in the world and has adapted to changing circumstances and delivered protection from and destruction to terrorists
  9. What is mach tuck?
    As the aircraft reaches critical mach the nose of the aircraft tends to pitch downwards due to the flow of air over the wing reaching supersonic speeds producing additional life and center of pressure moving rearward. As the center of pressure moves rearward the elevators become less effective, pushing the aircraft into a potentially unrecoverable dive.
    Mach tuck is the nose-down pitching movement an aircraft experiences as it passes its critical Mach number (Mcrt).
    With increased speed and aft movement of the shock wave the center of pressure moves rearward creating a nose down tendency. If allowed to progress the elevator no longer has the authority to counteract this force and the aircraft will enter a steep sometimes unrecoverable dive.
  10. Can you provide an example of leadership?
    Leadership is normally operated when an individual is put in that position by a group, that has the same goals as he/she does, generally the leader does not choose to be a leader but his selfless actions will bring the group that chose him to work in concert for a common goal,. But if the individual leader becomes ego bound and selfish he/she will loose credibility and fail in the groups quest.
    I just read this on a Forbes article and I think this explanation of leadership is great because it means anyone can be a leader. A leader is a person that socially influences others to maximize their efforts to accomplish a common goal. So basically a cheerleader. A cheerleader influences players to maximize their efforts to win the game. Get it Cheer "LEADER." It's an easy way to remember it too.
    process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task
    Someone who shows up to do the job no matter how difficult, risky or dirty the task is. The leader puts him/her self last and gets the job done first.
    An individual who steps up in time of need and selflessly makes a difference to others.
    Someone who takes initiative first without asking for people to follow.
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