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These study guide questions were submitted by real pilots who actually interviewed with Envoy Air Cadet Program

  1. On an Jepp enroute chart what is the number before the T, example 2500T on an airway?
    T= MOCA
  2. On a Jepp enroute chart what is the number before the G, example 2500G on an airway?
    G airway MEA
  3. When do you hold short of an ILS critical line?
    ATC protects the ILS critical area when the weather is less than 800' or 2 miles viz. Pilots should adhere to this at uncontrolled airports and when the tower is closed
    You must hold short if told to by ground.
  4. What is FAR 91.175?
    Takeoff and landing under IFR
  5. When is a first/second alternate required?
    1-2-3 rules for the first alternate. The second is when your first alternate airport's weather is considered marginal.
  6. What are the speed restrictions for Class B,C, under/above 10,000?
    Mach 1 in class B EXCEPT under 10,000 MSL. For class C within 4 nm of the primary class C is 200 kts
  7. What airspace is DFW, what are the lateral limits of it?
    Class B, 30nm
  8. Tell us about yourself
    I am a professional, resilient, adaptable, and focused person. My previous career was always demanding regarding discipline, dedication, and overcoming difficulties. It made me a reliable professional who is open to new challenges and available to learn all the time. Today I am an excellent professional and any area I decide to pursue. I am committed to doing my best all time. Shifting from Entertainment to hospitality and aviation has given me several tools to work in different situations, which is a good quality for any pilot.
  9. Why Envoy?
    I have heard great things from all of my peers who have joined envoy
  10. On a Jepp chart what is a black dot with a number in it?
    Ball Note
    A note.
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