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Envoy Air Cadet Program Study Guide Questions

These study guide questions were submitted by real pilots who actually interviewed with Envoy Air Cadet Program

  1. On an Jepp enroute chart what is the number before the T, example 2500T on an airway?
  2. On a Jepp enroute chart what is the number before the G, example 2500G on an airway?
  3. When do you hold short of an ILS critical line?
  4. What is FAR 91.175?
  5. When is a first/second alternate required?
  6. What are the speed restrictions for Class B,C, under/above 10,000?
  7. What airspace is DFW, what are the lateral limits of it?
  8. Tell me something else about you.
  9. Why Envoy?
  10. On a Jepp chart what is a black dot with a number in it?

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    Feedback from: Benjamin S

    Almost every question in the interview was on the study guide

    May 02, 2022