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The interview is held in 2 parts hr and technical. First they brief you on the company everyone was super nice and friendly. After they brief you they... Continue Reading this Interview Experience

  1. Nov 30, 2023 For me this was probably one of the easiest interviews. Study Jeppesen charts and be yourself and you will do good. Read up on instrument rules. Reviewing  airplane ifr,  review study guide will help. Had one HR rep and a captain. Study all Envoy hub Jeppesen charts so your ready for... Continue reading this interview experience

  2. Nov 21, 2023 We arrived at the hotel a day before the interview and took the shuttle to Envoy HQ at 6:20 am. There were 5 people in the group and when we got there we signed in and placed a breakfast order. Then we waited about an hour until we were brought upstairs and reviewed our paperwork to ensure everything was still correct. Next, they gave us a little presentation about Envoy while we ate. Then they called us one by one for the interview. After the interview, we were brought back to the room with... Continue reading this interview experience

  3. Nov 16, 2023 The interview was conducted at a university flight school. Before the interview, they had sent me paperwork to complete and email back to them. They also sent checklists with what to bring to the interview. I arrived approximately 45 minutes early to the interview and about 30 minutes before the interview started, they collected my documents and started looking through my logbook. When it was time to do the interview, they took me into a room where there were four people from Envoy. Two were... Continue reading this interview experience

  4. Nov 09, 2023 Envoy was one of my best interview experiences to date. From the time I flew in to DFW until the time I left I had a blast. They give you a confirmed seat on AA and fly you in the day before where they put you and the other candidates in the same hotel. Take the 6:20 AM bus to HQ where they put you in a conference room. Some paperwork and they bring you all upstairs to wait for the remaining candidates and company presentation. Breakfast is provided. The whole building seemed really clean or... Continue reading this interview experience

  5. Oct 30, 2023 Gouges found here are pretty accurate, bus at 6:20am to the envoy facility where you get a brief intro into how the day will go, then you place your breakfast order, eventually they take the whole group upstairs where they talk more about the company, have q/a, and verify all documents are done properly, then they bring your breakfast from earlier while they review your logbook, after some waiting they pull you out one by one to be interviewed, whole interview lasted about 25 minutes, all... Continue reading this interview experience

  6. Oct 26, 2023 I didn't get the job but the interview was laid out just like everyone else has said on here... I didn't find it hard at all just study the technical questions and you'll be just fine and know your Jepp charts! They ask you a lot of symbol questions and 80% of them were simple and then they'd get you on a few small things here and there. Some things they asked about were RVR, lighted windsocks, communications boundary line scenario, hot spots, fly by/fly over points,... Continue reading this interview experience

  7. Oct 23, 2023 If you're coming from the hotel from the night before, get good rest, and get on an early shuttle to the interview in case of traffic. Have all of your checklist items completed and documents ready to go. Relax, talk with your group and talk about where everyone is from/what they do. Remember that everyone is in the same position as you. The entire process will vary, but generally will consist of a wait time, document lookover, presentation about the company, both hr/technical interviews,... Continue reading this interview experience

  8. Sep 28, 2023 Other gauges here were extremely accurate. Everyone at the interview seemed to want to make you feel welcome and comfortable. The day starts out very early (the shuttle from the La Quinta is known to lead early so be down there 10-20 before it leaves), where you'll check out of the hotel and make your way to the headquarters. They sign you in and take breakfast orders, then you'll go upstairs. They walk everyone through their paperwork packet, identifying anything that is missing or needs a... Continue reading this interview experience

  9. Sep 25, 2023 Interview was straight from the gouges on this website. Flew in the day before and took the hotel shuttle from DFW over to the hotel. The hotel provides a shuttle to the Envoy facility that leaves at 6:20. Once we arrived at Envoy we gathered in a room and they took our breakfast orders. From there we went up to a conference room where they took our documents for review. We then listened to a presentation detailing what it like to work for Envoy, etc. After this we were pulled on by one to... Continue reading this interview experience

  10. Jul 11, 2023 Good Experience. They flew me out the day before. Took the complimentary shuttle to the hotel. Upon reaching the hotel, I made sure that I studied up any gouges I had. The gouge on here is great so use it.  (view the study guide of this... Continue reading this interview experience

  11. Nicole B

    (Hired at Envoy Air Cadet Program)

    I could not recommend this more!

    Nov 23, 2023  

    Patrick F

    (Hired at Envoy Air Cadet Program)

    All questions asked in my interview were on the study guide. Aviation interviews took the guess work out of the preparation process as I knew exactly what to study!