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FlightSafety Study Guide Questions

These study guide questions were submitted by real pilots who actually interviewed with FlightSafety

  1. What is your greatest strength?
    Fifty years working in aviation.Real world experience.
  2. What is your greatest weakness?
  3. What do you look for in a Company?
  4. Why FlightSafety?
    Good tip here: study up on the company. Don't throw out the entire year-by-year timeline, but know a few important things about it. They WILL ask, and they will definitely appreciate you having a little knowledge...in my case, I think it made up for not being the absolute best in the tech portion.
  5. What is the importance of checklists and SOP?
  6. Describe what a great customer experience means to you.
  7. What has been your past work experience?
  8. Describe a moral dilemma you've encountered.
  9. Describe ground effect while landing.
  10. How would you adjust for being on glide slope but too fast after base to final turn?

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    Feedback from: Hasso H

    Interview and experience questions asked.

    Mar 28, 2023