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These study guide questions were submitted by real pilots who actually interviewed with Hawaiian Airlines

  1. Tell us about your flying career
    Started out when I was 18, then I quickly got my license thereafter. Then I had to take a break for my church mission. Once I came back, I dove in where I left off. Once I finished all of my ratings, due to personal reasons, I decided the career was not for me, so I went a different direction. But I longed for the skies during that time. 8 years later, I went back to finish everything else and the rest is history.
  2. What do you know about Hawaiian?
    Asked during the Pilot Panel.
  3. Why are you applying to Hawaiian?
    This is a big one, each interview panel asked this
  4. Will you move to Hawaii if hired?
    Of course I would
    Yes! I have nothing tieing me down anywhere
  5. Have you applied to Hawaii in the past?
    I have not applied to Hawaiian in the past because I lacked the hour requirements.
  6. Have you applied to any other companies besides Hawaiian?
  7. If you are offered a job by Hawaiian and another company, which would you take? Why?
    I would take the job at Hawaiian. I love the culture here as well as the type of flying you do. Some guys at the other airlines wait their whole career to do the type of flying at Hawaiian.
  8. How would you describe yourself?
    Loving caring passionate and teamwork
    integrity achievment punctual teamwork passion
  9. Why should we pick you instead of one of the other 2000 applicants?
  10. Have you ever done more than the minimum required?
  11. Lisa S

    (Hired at Hawaiian Airlines)

    Very helpful

    Mar 12, 2024  

    Thomas B

    (Hired at Hawaiian Airlines)

    I liked being able to go way back, in order to see trends in the questions asked.

    Feb 07, 2024