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The other interview experience were spot on. The day started with our interview host (Rich) telling us how the day would go and answered any questions we had. As a note, I felt there was definitely a good cop bad cop thing going on between the pilot panel interview (bad cop) and the management panel interview (good cop). Not criticizing or hating but thats what I observed. Day was as follows... 1 Pilot Panel 2 Management Panel 3 Written Test 4 Sim Eval in Q400 FTD Pilot Panel I was asked many... Continue Reading this Interview Experience

  1. Oct 26, 2023 Very laid back interview experience. There were morning sessions and afternoon session. Two were in the morning and one in the afternoon slot. Give yourself plenty of time as office is sometimes can be confusing. If coming with Uber or Lyft, punch in Hawaiian headquarter as destination and it takes you right in front of it. Hawaiian sends you detailed direction but it’s easier to type headquarter. As you check in the front desk, you are guided to sit at lobby seat until rep comes get... Continue reading this interview experience

  2. Oct 20, 2023 I arrived about 25 minutes early, and I’m glad I did because it takes a bit of time to park, pay, go back upstairs and put the ticket on your dash. They will send you detailed instructions about a week out, with pictures. When I arrived, I checked in and met one other candidate in the waiting area. We spent some time chatting. A couple minutes after the interview start time they walked us back to a room where we could leave all of our things, and we had lunch (provided by HAL) with the... Continue reading this interview experience

  3. Oct 06, 2023 Hawaiian booked me a flight to HNL and put me up in the hotel. On top of that, they also provided 50% off parking and meal vouchers for dinner and breakfast at the hotel café. I drove to the interview, definitely allow some extra time for finding and climbing the parking structure as well as general traffic on H1. Got in to the lobby and was introduced to the other 3 interviewees. I was a regional FO with ~200 hours, two others were Navy fixed wing pilots, and the last was a sim... Continue reading this interview experience

  4. Oct 05, 2023 While most reviews are correct that “the other reviews on here are accurate,” I will still try to provide all available information. Parking was not as complicated as others have made it out to be. Follow the guide they will send and leave early. The parking process took a while (walk downstairs to get a ticket, upstairs to put it on the dash, then a long walk to HQ) so give yourself time. I was the last of the candidates to arrive (still before show time) and we were brought in... Continue reading this interview experience

  5. Sep 22, 2023 The Interview was very laid back, low threat enviroment. It was broken into 3 parts, CRM, management panel and then Pilot panel. CRM exercise with another interviewee. We had Gen2 failure followed by APU failure, weather was not good at destination and alternate ( cannot shoot cat 2) so we decided to head back to HNL. You will be graded on how well you involve everyone into your decision making. Management interview, lots of questions, (view the study guide of this website),  do you... Continue reading this interview experience

  6. Sep 22, 2023 Relaxed interview. Everyone is friendly. Show them why you want to be at Hawaiian. They want to see that you want to be there, and that you’re not using them as a stepping stone. CRM panel was relaxed. I got one of the scenarios on here but I I’ve heard of new ones as well. But still simple, just show a good use of CRM, both people... Continue reading this interview experience

  7. Sep 14, 2023 There are two groups of 4 applicants - 8:30am and 12:30pm Everyone is observing you so always show your interest and say hi to everyone. HR Representative escorted us to a conference room to leave our things and get briefed. We were called one by one shortly after. I did my Panel interview first (3 Line Captains), super nice bunch! They just really want to know who you are, why Hawaiian and if you're a good fit - they take down notes. Second interview was the Management Panel (3 management... Continue reading this interview experience

  8. Sep 14, 2023 Awesome interview experience. Very relaxed, and everyone you will meet with make you want to work here even more. 3 part interview - Pilot Panel, Management Panel, CRM exercise. Each panel had 2-3 TMAAT questions and a few “how would you handle” questions, as well as a few basic HAL questions (Why HAL, connections to the islands, etc). Each panel has maybe 5-8 questions, but felt much more like a “get to know you” group discussion that almost used the questions as... Continue reading this interview experience

  9. Aug 14, 2023 Interview process was relaxed and as advertised on this website. I submitted my app and received an invite to interview about a week later. I selected the first date available - which was approximately two weeks out. Next available after that was about a month away. Prior to the interview I received a few emails explaining the process, directions to the facility and lunch order. My interview time changed from the afternoon time slot to the morning time slot (I understand they do one or two... Continue reading this interview experience

  10. Aug 08, 2023 Three parts; pilot panel, management panel and CRM exercise. I was partnered up with another applicant and we worked through one of the CRM exercises others have listed here (low crew oxygen). The two panels were myself fielding questions from three HAL pilots/management in each panel. Lunch to follow with the other applicants. Everyone there was nice and put everyone at ease. Questions: Why Hawaiian, TMAAT that...., move to Hawaii, aircraft preference, failures, hobbies, example of you... Continue reading this interview experience

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    I been through 2 airlines interviews and got the job offer with both by using aviationinterviews.

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