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The other interview experience were spot on. The day started with our interview host (Rich) telling us how the day would go and answered any questions we had. As a note, I felt there was definitely a good cop bad cop thing going on between the pilot panel interview (bad cop) and the management panel interview (good cop). Not criticizing or hating but thats what I observed. Day was as follows... 1 Pilot Panel 2 Management Panel 3 Written Test 4 Sim Eval in Q400 FTD Pilot Panel I was asked many... Continue Reading this Interview Experience

  1. Sep 22, 2022 Started off in the waiting room and meeting my fellow peers. It’s nice to have this time to get awaited bc you will have to do a CRM exercise and being comfortable with your partner and his background can go a long way. They take you to a waiting room where you will put all your docs and logbooks on the table for viewing while you are at lunch. We were chosen for the CRM exercise first. Eicas message “low level oxygen” for the crew mask. It’s not in the QRH.... Continue reading this interview experience

  2. Sep 22, 2022 Awesome and friendly staff. Environment is very exciting and inspiring. I was one of 7 interviewing for the day and they keep you in a holding room in between events. Pilot panel, management panel, and CRM exercise followed by lunch. All the gouge here is spot on my only advice is to really think about the CRM exercise prior to interview keeping in mind you will be “flying” with someone you’ve never met before or shared SOP. This adds some difficulty so think about CRM... Continue reading this interview experience

  3. Sep 09, 2022 First, the previous gouge is spot on. There are a few things that are out dated in the information they supply candidates. They provide detailed instructions on how to get to the interview location. The only thing different in the photos is the parking is now covered, meaning they added a roof to the parking area. One of the statements in the detailed instructions is, “parking is at your own expense”. Not true. If there are no visitor spots (free) remaining then you need to... Continue reading this interview experience

  4. Sep 09, 2022 Just as stated in the interviews below, they want to hire you. Pilot panel is a few TMAAT questions, management panel is more of a "why not Delta or United" line of questioning. CRM is scenario based. Super chill... Continue reading this interview experience

  5. Sep 01, 2022 Interview was broken up into 3 sections. First section for me was the pilot panel that consisted of 2 CAs and 1 FO. They were all awesome to talk with! For the most part it just felt like a conversation between line pilots. The questions on this website are very accurate. Second section was the management panel. Definitely felt more like an interview but overall was still a calm and relaxed environment. Third section was the CRM portion. Just work through the issue just like you’d do... Continue reading this interview experience

  6. Aug 26, 2022 This guide is spot on still. I got into Hawaii the day before the interview and was put up in a hotel in Waikki with some meal vouchers. I rented a car for my 3 days there. The hotel gives a 50% discount for the parking garage ($17 a day). My interview began at 11:00 am. There is another interview slot at 8:30 am. I arrived at 10:30 and sat in the lobby with the 2 other candidates. Once we were greeted we were taken to the "hold over room" where we could keep our things and... Continue reading this interview experience

  7. Aug 12, 2022 The gouge was close, but its all so scenario based and vague. 3 panels and everyone is friendly: being able to make friends in your interview class is important as everyone else mentioned. My first panel was CRM with a partner, then Management, then the Pilot panel. The other interviewee did pilot panel then management. The CRM exercise, just remember to think of all your resources within the airplane and communicate the plan. Prepare your TMAAT... Continue reading this interview experience

  8. Aug 04, 2022 Really great interview team, and very relaxed environment. Like others said a lot of the time is getting to know you. The questions asked were all available here. They go into the TMAAT questions and will keep asking questions to see where you will go. Keep asking questions and getting more information as you progress through the scenario. (view the study guide of this website). Definitely have a good idea about the company and why you want to work there. I read through all the company... Continue reading this interview experience

  9. Aug 04, 2022 Interview was very relaxing. Make sure you know your answer to why Hawaiian as they are really looking for people who will stay with the company and live on the island. CRM exercise was with another applicant and when you get the scenario, they will drag it along until the examiner believes the scenario has reached a satisfactory conclusion. So everyone will probably have a different experience for it. Besides that, just have fun, relax and speak wholeheartedly. Not a very difficult... Continue reading this interview experience

  10. Aug 01, 2022 Three-part interview as others have stated, all the questions asked can be found in the gouge. Split up into pairs and started with CRM section, decide CA/FO, PF/PM, then talk your way through a scenario. Pretty straightforward, cockpit/FA/dispatch/ATC communication. Panel with 3 senior pilots, a few TMAAT questions that developed into more of a conversation. Finally the HR panel. If you genuinely want to work at the company then the interview will be a breeze. Great group of people and... Continue reading this interview experience

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