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These study guide questions were submitted by real pilots who actually interviewed with National Airlines

  1. Walk us through your resume.
  2. Do you have any questions for us?
  3. What do you know about National?
    1991 National Air Cargo Holdings, Inc. founded by Christopher Alf 1999 National establishes National Air Cargo, Inc. and German operating subsidiary 2003 National establishes Middle East and Malaysian Operating Companies 2006 National acquires Murray Air (renamed as National Airlines). event-logo 2011 National Airlines begins scheduled chartered service for Flour Corp. between Dubai and Afghanistan May 2014 ETOPS 180 granted by the FAA event-logo Nov 2014 National Airlines receives certificate to fly foreign schedules passenger air service 2015 National Airlines receives Blanket Open Skies Authority (Cargo
  4. Are you willing to take the position as a First Officer?
  5. What aircraft would you like to fly?
  6. If you're hired would you be willing to fly any aircraft?
  7. Are you vaccinated?
  8. When are you available to start?
  9. Where did you do your ATP CTP , who was your instructor?
  10. How would you feel about meeting the crew for dinner on an overnight?
    I think is very good to get to know each crew members during layovers
  11. Logan S

    There were many questions from my specific company that were on the study guide that helped me plan out how to explain my answers. I found the website very easy to understand and use.

    Jul 05, 2024  

    Sergio V

    Very helpful information!

    Jul 05, 2024