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Piedmont Airlines Study Guide Questions

These study guide questions were submitted by real pilots who actually interviewed with Piedmont Airlines

  1. Who is the VP of Flight ops?
    stephen Keefer
    Stephen keefer
  2. They give you 4 cities and ask you which one is a crew base?
    Charlotte NC, Harrisburg and Philidelphia PA only 3 for pilots
    Charlotte, NC · Salisbury, MD · Philadelphia, PA · Harrisburg, PA · Phoenix, AZ ...
    Baltimore, Charlotte, Dayton, Syracuse.
    Now is just CLT and PHL
    PHL, MDT, ROA, SBY Philidelphia, Detroit, Roanoke, Salisbury
  3. What is the seating capacity of the Dash 8 100 and 300 and how many flight attendants you need.
    DA-100 (39) DA-300 (50) FA 1
    DA-100 (37) DA-300 (50) FA 1
  4. Are you ok with moving?
    no, will commute
    Yes, if I am asked to live at a particular base, I will move.
  5. How far do the white and red lights extend down the end of the runway?
    Runway Centerline Lighting System (RCLS). On some precision runways, a runway centerline light system is installed, with white lights spaced at 50-ft intervals on the centerline of the runway. With 3,000 feet remaining, the white lights change to alternating white and red, and then all red during last 1,000 feet.
    Above answer incorrect, If refering to runway lighting. Runway light are amber and white for the last 2000ft or half the runway, whichever is shorter. If the question was refrencing centerline lights the answer is the last 1000ft are red and the 2000ft before that are alternating red and white for a total of 3000ft of non white runway centerline lighting.
  6. How far do the touchdown markings extend?
    Touchdown Zone Markings are spaced at 500-foot increments for the entire Touchdown Zone, which is from the threshold to 3,000 feet.
    AIM 2-1-5 TDZL start 100 feet BEYOND the landing threshold and go to 3,000 feet BEYOND the landing threshold OR the midpoint of the runway, whichever is less. TDZL are steady burning white lights, installed on some precision approach runways.
    First 3000 feet
  7. When do runway centerline lights go from white to alternating white to red?
    AIM 2-1-5 Runway Centerline Lighting System (RCLS): Of the last 3,000 feet, the lights alternate white/red for 2,000 feet and are all red for the last 1,000 feet.
    The last 3000'
  8. Whats an inverter?
    DC to AC (Invert' the alphabet)
  9. What WX to expect when updrafts go into stratosphere?
    Super cells. Tornadoes.
  10. What is the characteristics of moisture travel INSIDE a thunderstorm.
    Growing - predominantly updrafts, Mature stage updrafts and downdrafts, Dissipating predominantly downdrafts
    Depends. Is it the growing, mature, or dissapating stage? I don't really want to know first hand as I'd rather avoid a t-storm.

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