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The interview was pretty straight forward. Everything on the gouge was spot on and the interview has no surprises so relax and just study and keep current on your IFR stuff. The day started out with me flying to CLT, flight was delayed so i contacted my recruiter to let her know about it, once I arrive I went to the baggage claim, door D, and if you walk to your right their is a sign that says American flight training center shuttle, make sure you take it. Once you check in, you'll wait for your recruiter to pick you up from the cafeteria. Once they picked us up, without missing a beat we started to... Continue Reading this Interview Experience

  1. Sep 18, 2023 First, there was a HR presentation that lasted 30min explaining benefits, details of employment and training, etc. Then, the HR rep teamed with a pilot rep to conduct the interview. The entire interview was an hour long with half HR questions and half technical questions. The HR rep started with standard questions. He asked me to tell about myself and then asked further questions about my intro. He asked what I am bringing to Piedmont, what my greatest weakness is and how would students... Continue reading this interview experience

  2. Jul 21, 2023 This was a very straight forward interview. There was a 30 minute company presentation going over pay, benifits and bonus. Then we did the background and technical. I do have checkride failures, the background focused on the 121 failures and they gave me an opportunity to explain them and what is learned from it. There were questions like "Why Piedmont" and "Why avaition". I got a "tell me about a time" question about failing and success. The technical... Continue reading this interview experience

  3. Jun 20, 2023 Interview followed closely what others experienced. Two interviewers- One from HR explaining Piedmont and the job offer (DEC) asking "Tell me about Yourself". Second interviewer asked about technical questions that followed pervious applicant experience. METAR, Jepp brief, some weather questions. Lasted about an hour very layback and professional. Meeting took place through face time. Good... Continue reading this interview experience

  4. Jun 05, 2023 Interview was initiated by an HR employee who was very nice to speak with. He reviewed the company history, growth, opportunities, and allowed me to ask questions. Eventually a second interviewer came on the Teams call. He was a very nice gentleman who was the pilot interviewer. When they both were in the call, the formal Q&A style interview began with basic questions like, "Why Piedmont", history of flight training, career, hours, experience, and a review of my online entries.... Continue reading this interview experience

  5. May 09, 2023 Interview was virtual by a pair of company employees. Questions here were spot-on and very helpful. You'll brief a Jepp Approach plate (know all the symbology for those). Questions were on TRW formation, icing, Microbursts, reading METAR, Lost Comm procedures, TMAAT Qs, and HR Qs covered on here. It sounds like the company is growing and the hiring bonus is very appealing, as is the recent pay increase. Currently reserve is about 2 years, I expect PHL is where most new hires will be... Continue reading this interview experience

  6. Mar 14, 2023 Very straightforward and rather interview. Two Interviewers. One had HR questions, the other had Technical Pilot questions). The study guide for the technical questions on this website was spot on. Questions about how many seats a DHC-8 has are outdated. Study METARS!! If you can decode the METAR on this website, you'll do fine.  The give you a sheet with various METARS on it and choose at random which they want you to read. I was asked to read 3 of them, each increasing in difficulty.... Continue reading this interview experience

  7. Mar 14, 2023 Good experience. The interview took place through face time. It lasted approximately one hour. This site prepares you well for the technical questions. Understand METARS and Jepp plates. Understand how to describe taxi routes at an airport to lead you to the terminal. (R) means radar on the Jepp plate. The interviewer wanted to know the reason behind why you would do something when it came to weather. i.e. You avoid thunderstorms by 20 miles because they can throw hail that far. Really nice... Continue reading this interview experience

  8. Feb 14, 2023 Very straightforward interview. Mine was Virtual with 2 Interviewers (1 HR, 1 Pilot Recruiter). Use this website, and you will be fine. Questions about how many seats a DHC-8 has are outdated. Nobody cares who the VP of flight Ops is!!! I can not stress enough the need to study METARS!! The one they gave me was a Corrected report and included HEAVY RAIN, THUNDERSTORMS, SNOW AND HAIL!!! I had it nailed until I got to the very end: GR 1/2 P00020 = Hail one half inch in diameter,... Continue reading this interview experience

  9. Jan 11, 2023 The study guide for the technical questions was spot on. I did the virtual interview with one HR and one pilot. The only HR question was, why Piedmont? Then technical questions. (view the study guide of this website), you will be well prepared with the study guide. Very professional and relaxed interview. Be... Continue reading this interview experience

  10. Jan 11, 2023 Very straight forward. Study what is on here & how to brief an approach plate. I got a little stumped by APAPI but eventually got to the answer when they gave me a hint. Also, I messed up the rotating beacons. Only question I didn’t know after studying via these study guides. Just relax and be yourself. They are only hiring high time FO’s and DEC’s now so a call back may take a while for someone with no 121 experience. Good... Continue reading this interview experience

  11. Sean Y

    (Hired at Piedmont Airlines)

    All information provided by this website was on point!

    Mar 16, 2023  

    Joseph M

    (Hired at Piedmont Airlines)

    Great information here. Passed all interviews; accepted Piedmont’s offer. Definitely a worthwhile tool for your interviews.

    Jan 09, 2023