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These study guide questions were submitted by real pilots who actually interviewed with PlaneSense

  1. Why Planesense with your level of flight experience?
    Because I hear PlaneSense is an excellent company, I think flying a PC-12 would be much more fun than a jet. Also, the 8 on 6 off schedule fits into my lifestyle very well.
  2. Tell us about you experience overseas? What brought you there?
  3. Do you have any questions?
    Make sure to ask questions at the end. It will tell the employer that you’re interested in the company and that you want to learn more and grow.
  4. Where is the FAF on a VOR/ILS approach?
    On a VOR approach, the FAP is whenever you are established on course inbound and the final decent may be started. For non-precision approaches, the FAF is the "Maltese Cross" and for precision, the arrow which identifies the GS intercept.
  5. What is an initial approach fix? Point to all IAF's on the approach plate.
    point where initial approach segment begins
  6. What kind of approach lighting is available for that runway?
    Answer is based off of approach plates provided for interview.
  7. If that is all you can see (approach lighting) at DH/MDA, what would/can you do?
    100 ft above touchdown zone unless Runway identifying lights / markings are visible.
    missed approach unless you see red terminating bars or red side row bars,etc
  8. Cat. B aircraft...how close must you remain to the airport if you circle?
  9. What are the CDI/RAIM sensitivities of a GPS outside 30nm? Inside 30nm?
    +- 5 mi +- 1 mi
  10. What frequency do you use for clearance delivery?
    This was asked based off of the charts provided for the technical interview
  11. Arthur R

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    Sep 13, 2023  

    Ryan K

    (Hired at PlaneSense)

    Very helpful and I passed my interview!