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Arrived at PS HQ around 11am. They break up the interview into 4 portions. HR interview, HR presentation, facility tour, sim evaluation. I did the HR interview first and questions that were asked were pretty standard.  Then a scenario where the PIC is flying an approach what sorts of things as the FO am I looking for? If he goes below the MDA what do you do? What if after you let him know to go missed he continues even further? What do you do? They concluded the HR interview by allowing me to ask questions of which I had a few. HR interview was probably where I preformed best. You have to remember that at PS you're the point of contact for all customers. They really want to see what you'll be a good... Continue Reading this Interview Experience

  1. Jan 18, 2023 The technical interview was conducted virtually by one PlaneSense team member. There wasn't much of any 'HR' style questions here; it was very brief and efficient. I was asked a number of questions based on the charts provided in the email packet of charts sent a week or so prior to the interview: a few questions on the Hyper 7 Arrival, and a few from a couple different approaches. No 'gotchas' just basic chart symbology. Then was asked a few VFR sectional questions (from the area around... Continue reading this interview experience

  2. Jan 16, 2023 This was the virtual (Teams) Technical interview only. It was with one person, and she was very cordial and helped put me at ease. This was important, because my webcam microphone chose this as a perfect opportunity to not work! Ended up using my iPhone for the call while keeping her up on the big screen on the computer. NOT a good start for me, but she was very kind and understanding. The gouge here is absolutely spot-on. There were a couple questions I nearly answered incorrectly, but... Continue reading this interview experience

  3. Jan 11, 2023 Virtual interview... gave IFR approach plates asked about 20ish questions about them, then some VFR charts, asked around 20 questions about them. then they asked if iIhad any questions, I asked what they used for avionics, they said Honeywell. fo salary is 42500, and you get a 2.5 dollar an hour per... Continue reading this interview experience

  4. Dec 26, 2022 Interview was on Teams and only technical portion. Most of the questions were jeppesen charts they provided with email a week before. Starts with a clearance direct to a IAF. (view the study guide of this website).   Pulled up a sectional and asked Class B entry requirements.  Very professional and pleasant... Continue reading this interview experience

  5. Dec 07, 2022 Had remote technical interview last month   Jeppesen plates OKK VOR 32, BHB12-2, PWK41-1 various questions about FAF, circling minimums (Category B), step down descents.. KIAD 20-2E RNAV Arrival, meaning of “descend via”, questions about speed and crossing altitudes at various points on chart. NY VFR sectional   questions about various airspaces, airspeed and cloud clearances, asked what a couple of random symbols meant, how to get into Class B without IFR clearance.... Continue reading this interview experience

  6. Oct 27, 2022 Had an SIM evaluation first, departure procedure ( to initial climb), vector to final for ILS app', descend down to minimum, go missed. Nothing different with the experiences I read here. Tech interview portion was mainly about IFR procedures using jeppesen chart. Studied approach and airport chart, but SID or STAR charts were not familiar. Just take time to read chart , they will tell you everything. Last, HR interview was why PlaneSense, why do you love flying... questions we can see on... Continue reading this interview experience

  7. Oct 25, 2022 3 phases of interview included HR, technical review (including Jepp charts) and a sim review session. Technical portion looked at everything from IFR procedures to VFR flying/charts and a few questions regarding overall aviation knowledge. HR was just a friendly discussion...probably intended to evaluate personality and to see if you would be a good fit with the company mission: Heavy on customer service. The sim was to evaluate basic understanding of IFR procedures. Flew a SID, given... Continue reading this interview experience

  8. Oct 25, 2022 Straight forward, easy going and pleasant HR. Technical round with some VFR questions (bravo airspace, MEF, etc.), how long is your medical good for, then quite a few Jep plate, IFR questions. After that was a flight in the simulator. Gave us 10 minutes to get used to the sim. Flew an ILS to missed... Continue reading this interview experience

  9. Oct 12, 2022 Everyone was SUPER nice! Three parts to the interview: HR interview, sim evaluation, and technical questions. They also gave an HR presentation explaining your schedule and benefits and generally how they operate. We also got to take a tour of a PC-12 in their hangar. The HR questions were all familiar because I used this gouge to prepare.  Then a Scenario:  you see the runway environment but a plane enters the runway and you tell the CA to go missed. They refuse and keep... Continue reading this interview experience

  10. Sep 29, 2022 Flew G1000 182 sim at nearby flight school with simple departure and hand flown ILS back into same airport, to missed. I had 500+ hours of G1000 time so was not an issue. Option to hand fly entire 15 minute session if not familiar with Garmin. No feedback at all after sim. Sim was a little sensitive, but was able to keep within standards. Autopilot was allowed after climb to altitude preselect. Set up ILS approach in the G1000, vectors to intercept. Autp sequenced to green needles. Asked... Continue reading this interview experience

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