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These study guide questions were submitted by real pilots who actually interviewed with PSA Airlines

  1. Know how to brief a Jepp plate
    Brief EVERYTHING! A good brief should include all items on a jepp chart, in the order that they are given. Don't forget the diagram, including terrain, highest obstacle, etc.
  2. What is Definition of V1
    on a balance runway it is the last chance for you to decide not to go if you have and emergency and still stop on the runway according to the air data
    Decision Speed (Go...No Go)
  3. What are the minimum cloud and visibility requirements of Class C airspace?
    3sm vis 1000 above / 500 below / 2000 horizontal
  4. On a GPS approach, _____ nm sensitivty is required at FAWP
    There is a question on the written test about sensitivity of GPS in the terminal mode. Answer is 1 mile. (the answer of .3nm at FAWP is correct, but the question has changed) .
  5. Localizers area of operation service volume is _____degrees at 10NM
    AIM 1-1-9 (5) states: To 10 degrees either side of the course along a radius of 18NM from the antenna. From 10 to 35 degrees either side of the course along a radius of 10 NM.
    The between 10 and 35 deg. answer is wrong!!! It goes from 0 to 35 deg. on each side of the centerline within 10 NM from the loc facility. From 10 to 18 Nm it is 10 deg. wide on each side of the centerline!!
    35 degrees each side of centerline
    between 10 degrees and 35 degrees
  6. What are the legal limits for alcohol and being a crew-member (FAA limits)
    PSA's limit is 12 hours before flying, and the 0.04%.
    8 hrs bottle to throttle also BAC less than .04%
  7. What is the definition of Hypoxia?
    deficiency in the amount of oxygen reaching the tissues.
    It is a lack of oxygen in the blood and tissue. 4 different types. Hypoxic, hypemic, histotoxic, and stagnant. Hypoxic hypoxia the most common in aviation.
    Not enough Oxygen
  8. Maximum airspeed below 10,000?
    Unless below Class Bravo airspace, and then its 200kts.
  9. At what altitude do you cross the MM?
    The MM indicates a position approximately 3,500 feet from the landing threshold. This is also the position where an aircraft on the glide path will be at an altitude of approximately 200 feet above the elevation of the touchdown zone.
    PSA puts the question wrong. 200ft would be the answer on the question: At what height do you cross the MM? Strictly the question cannot be answered as they have put it: You need to know the TDZE to give the answer in altitude value (as opposed to height value).
    The correct answer is not 200 feet as this is the AGL that most all ILS approaches are based on, it is the DA or decision altitude, which is a different MSL altitude based on the approach.
  10. Calculate fuel needed if aircraft burns 3000 pound per hour.
    Based on the question asked and the answers I'm seeing here, it's a basic conversion to gallons. The conversion I use on a daily basis is take your 3000 lbs and divide that by 6.7. That equals approximately 446 gallons. The other way of doing this problem is also correct as previously answered by others.
    3000 drop the 0 and add 50%. So 3000 becomes 300 plus 50% is (150) 300 150=450 G
    (3000 lb + 50%) / 10 (3000+1500)/10 = 450 gal
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