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These study guide questions were submitted by real pilots who actually interviewed with Republic Airways RJet Cadet

  1. What is your total time?
  2. What stage of flight training are you in?
  3. Describe the electrical system for the airplane you currently fly.
    28 volt 60amp 24volt battery belt driven alternator with magneto ignition
  4. If the alternator dies how long will your battery last?
    About 30 min temperature depending
  5. What is an MEL?
    Minimum Equipment List
  6. Do you have a passport?
  7. What is a microburst?
    Strong downward and outward force of air as a result of a thunderstorm
    When the updraft can no longer sustain the Column of air that it has lifted.Then that column plummets
  8. Tell about a time you had to make a quick decision.
    flying practice approaches with a safety pilot. NAV radio became inop with no functioning GPS. I had to make the quick decision to terminate the practice approach and resume the flight with a visual approach.
  9. How would I handle a difficult crew member?
    Address the issue with the crew member. I would remain respectful and professional. I would mitigate the issue with the crew member and keep their view point in mind. I would come up with a solution to the issue that we can both agree on. I would know when it is necessary to escalate the issue to HR.
  10. How I would handle a drunk crew member?
    do everything in my power to keep the crew member away from the aircraft if we have not yet boarded. Try and talk to the crew member and ask if he or she had been drinking. Remind them of the safety risks and legality of flying while impaired. If the crew member refuses I will involve other crew members and HR.
  11. Austen C

    (Hired at Republic Airways RJet Cadet)


    Mar 09, 2024  

    Sebastian H

    (Hired at Republic Airways RJet Cadet)

    Very helpful. Covered all the questions that were asked in the interview.

    Jan 19, 2024