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These study guide questions were submitted by real pilots who actually interviewed with Southern Air

  1. Tell me about a time you got into a conflict with another crew member.
    We were ready to depart and the captain came in late, on his arrival he was yelling at everyone to get the airplane loaded. I specifically did not appreciate that we were suddenly being rushed just to make up for his late arrival. The way he handled the conversation with the flight attendant was very unprofessional because he used abusive words towards her. In the flight deck I asked him if he thought he handled the situation well, he said he did not care. I did not want to agravate him anymore, so I kept on with the flight plan and after the flight, I asked him again if he felt he perhaps crossed the line with the flight attendant, he said yes. He apologized to all of us especially the flight attendant and we all moved on.
  2. You're at 7000 feet and cleared into a hold - What's your max speed?
    (it might not 230 - in a heavy its min safe speed of the airplane, depending on weights, it's usually above 230?)
  3. How would you contact your company over the North Atlantic?
    Get a phone patch. Sat phone if available.
  4. Do you have any violations?
    Answered Honest - None
  5. Why Southern Air?
    Quality of life, the ability to fly better 777F, to me it's a once in a lifetime opportunity
  6. What do you think the hardest thing will be for you if you get hired by Southern Air?
    Adjusting to time zones while flying internationally
  7. Why do you want to work for Southern Air?
    Better Quality of life as compared to the Regional Airline I work for today
  8. Explain how to enter MAP hold.
  9. What would you do if the Captain is drunk or smells of alcohol?
    Tell Captain to call in fatigued or sick, if he/she not comply, call company
  10. Have you had any accidents?
  11. Brad B

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    Great resource that helped me prepare for the interview!

    May 23, 2024  

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    It helped a lot to prepare me for the technical interview and I was able to read recent interview stories of other applicants.