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  • The interview was rather short and pretty relaxed for the most part. It started with an hour presentation over the company that reviewed how it was started, who runs it, company goals/plans, schedules, pay, and benefits. After the presentation was over, they selected interviewees to either go to a room to sit down with HR first or go to a room to sit down with somebody who will ask you technical questions. The HR part was rather simple as they started by running through my resume and asking me questions about it. After that they asked me HR questions that were exclusively on this site. The HR interview was rather simple and fast as it took only about 5 to 10 minutes. The technical portion was a bit longer and was...

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    May 07, 2024
    Pretty straightforward HR screening type interview. Be fresh on your instrument rules, review the IFR, fuel requirements, brief an approach plate, safety scenario questions, Safety thought process, hypoxia/carbon monoxide. The study guide listed within this group is nearly spot on, Study it and you will do...

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    Apr 23, 2024
    This was the technical interview with an HR representative and 2 pilots for the company. It was a very pleasant interview which lasted about 45 minutes. The pilots were very friendly and shared their experiences with me. Then questions, (view the study guide of this website).  They then asked me to brief the ILS 17 approach at PHKO in Hawaii They then spent a few minutes explaining the day-to-day operations and what to expect as a new FO. Overall was a very straight-forward...

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    Jan 08, 2024
    This was my first time interviewing for any flying job. I applied in mid fall and received an e-mail last week requesting a phone interview. The interview as of 2 days ago, and all was well. The basic questions were asked about where I lived, domiciles and my flight times were reviewed, and I was given the pay structure. All went well and I was told that I would be scheduled for the next phase of the process, which would be a technical interview. I agreed to the interview, and the...

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    Nov 21, 2023
    Pretty laid back interview. Started with introduction. After that she asked me about technical questions. We went into technical- Metars and What is hypoxia, its symptoms, sigmet, what kind of weather can be expected in an sigmet. Then she opened an approach plate, asked me to read the important information. Discussed about the contract, it’s one year. Also was asked two tell me about a time questions. About a stressful flight and about a time when you disagreed with someone and how...

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    Oct 20, 2023
    The Interviewer was nice and easy to talk to. We went over the certificates and hours I had, and what aircraft and instrument setups I had experience in. Then we discussed my life story and why I wanted to work for Southern Air. Finally, we went through some HR and technical questions. They were all on the study guide and surface-level...

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    Oct 03, 2023
    It was very straight forward and it took 35 minutes. Initially talked about my resume, I introduced myself and interviewer made me feel confortable. First questions were HR type, (view the study guide of this website).  Also some situation questions, (also in the study...

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    Sep 26, 2023
    I heard about Southern/Mokulele on Monday, applied Tuesday and heard back within the hour for an interview 24 hours later. It was with a hiring director and one of their pilots. Was just as the gouges and study guides showed. Asked the typical tell me about yourself, tell me about a time you had a disagreement, tell me about something difficult you had to deal with. For the technical I was asked at what stage of a thunderstorm precip begins to fall. What is a microburst. What is the most...

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    Interview was basically a conversation over Zoom and lasted about 30 minutes. She said upfront that it would be HR and some technical questions. We also went over logbook times, training failures, and violations. Then Questions, (view the study guide of this website).  Good...

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    Interview was virtual over Zoom. My flight school helped arrange by giving me the recruiters email and phone number (it’s a cadet program partnership). The interview was 30 minutes and consisted of standard HR questions, questions about logbook, training failures, and then some technical questions. The last part of the interview went over the pay structure and training overview.  (view the study guide of this...

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    Interview was pretty straight forward, mostly HR questions. How would you handle a disagreement with another pilot in the air and on the ground? They let you determine the situation so have that in mind before the interview. Also refresh yourself on pilots cafe for basic ifr questions. Nothing is hard or to in depth. When to file an alternate, how to chose an alternate, where is the touchdown zone, and some other basics. Also there’s a question about which brick would you be in a...

  11. Great resource that helped me prepare for the interview!

    Brad B May 23, 2024

    Hired at Southern Air
    It helped a lot to prepare me for the technical interview and I was able to read recent interview stories of other applicants.

    Taito A

    Hired at Southern Air