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These study guide questions were submitted by real pilots who actually interviewed with Spirit Airlines

  1. How fast do you have to fly from HNL-SYD to never see the sun set?
    Guys they don't want an exact answer, they just want to see that you try, that you have enough dedication and willingness to think about this, they don't want an actual number lol!
    The earth spins at 1,000 mph west to east. So traveling 1,000 mph east to west would leave the sun in the same position in the sky.
  2. When do VOR's switch from magnetic to true north.
    82N 60S
    When the aircraft enters the polar region it will auto switch to TRU. The pilot can also select TRU when outside the polar region. The polar region is defined as north of 82 deg N latitude or south of 82 deg S latitude.
  3. Have you ever failed a checkride?
    Yes, ATP
    Multi engine, told a story that explained what happened and what I learned
    yes, CFI Oral, I wasn't teaching
    my private and my initial check ride for Mesa
    Yes, oral exam for multi-engine commercial
    yes, cfi initial, oral
    yes my private
  4. What are your career goals?
    To obtain a position with Spirit Airlines and help this innovative and exciting airline grow.
    Retire as a line pilot for Spirit Airlines. I love learning and teaching and would look forward to continuing with the training department
    To fly modern equipment in a fun environment like this airline
    To become a great Captain.
    To become a captain at a stable airline.
  5. What else interests you besides flying?
    I like to mingle with real estate. Buy house and repair them. Rent them out.
    My Family and friends, Outdoor Activities, Real Estate Investing, Home improvement projects.
    My family, hiking, camping, playing the bass, knitting, cooking
    My family, Hiking, & Outdoors
    My family, kids, photography, SUP Wheels, Paddle boarding, help others with their companies, excel spreadsheets
  6. How would your friends describe you?
    As a loyal friend, a person they can depend on.
    An honest dependable person who is always ready to lend a hand.
  7. When was the last time you called in sick?
    A couple years ago when I had to get my wisdom teeth taken out.
  8. Did you call in sick to make it to the interview?
  9. Have you ever lied?
  10. Have you ever stolen anything?
    I said I had 3 siblings, of course I did
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