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No surprises here. As advertised, the interview is exactly what is listed on this website, worth every penny, even if it's just to put you at ease. We had a very large interview group of 38 people, which surprised me, but when you start lining up around 0730, I started trying to meet everyone. They opened the doors around 0800, started with a company introduction/presentation on a projector. Take good notes! They then went around the room and introduced themselves and had each candidate introduce themselves, providing your name, where you live, aircraft you are currently flying, and then one thing that isn't on your resume. Pay attention, and show interest in the others, they are likely going to be your sim partners! After that they were calling us back to begin our fingerprinting. Make sure you bring to the interview all of your pilot licenses, medical, passport, logbooks etc. They do try... Continue Reading this Interview Experience

  1. Dec 01, 2023 This was a great interview experience, first off this was for the pathway program as I am a 141 applicant through my University. Everyone in my class was extremely inviting and we all ranged from 200hrs-1000hrs. It began with a power point for about an hour discussing Spirit (Spirit 101), the merger with Jet Blue, etc. Just basic information - take notes. They also had you stand up and introduce yourself. Afterwards we had the opportunity to ask questions, ASK QUESTIONS. Make a name for... Continue reading this interview experience

  2. Oct 05, 2023 I got the true Spirit experience on our way down there. I flew out at 10 AM and got to FLL at 11PM that night and had to cover 2 nights in hotel fees. When we showed up they were very nice and welcoming. They brought everyone who was interviewing into a big room with some breakfast food and played games which was a lot of fun. They gave us a brief run down of the company and explained what was going to happen. They brought a few of us into a room and interviewed each of us with a pilot and... Continue reading this interview experience

  3. Oct 05, 2023 Interview was held at Spirit IT building in Miramar FL. Met in a conference room with about 20 candidates and made small talk until around 8am. We then were moved into a larger room with desks where they did a short presentation on the company and introductions. Everyone introduced themselves and stated the current aviation job they had. Most candidates were a mix of 135 and regional pilots. A few CFI applicants as well. We then had a short break and they started calling candidates out 1 at... Continue reading this interview experience

  4. Sep 29, 2023 I am exclusively applying for their cadet program in the First Officer (FO) position. The interview began with a concise 30-minute session, commencing with the ubiquitous "Please tell me about yourself" query, along with an exploration of what sparked my interest in aviation. Subsequently, we delved into discussions regarding the stability and systems of the aircraft I currently operate. Next, the conversation turned toward the topic of Section 91.75 and its relevance to the... Continue reading this interview experience

  5. Sep 29, 2023 Pathway program from a 141. interview was very relaxed, but again this is for a pathway program. Several questions from the guides on here did come about. weather, basic aerodynamics, a lot of HR. Use the guide. It really does... Continue reading this interview experience

  6. Sep 29, 2023 Just like everyone stated... Great atmosphere, energetic, and fun. Be social! First we met with other applicants. Chief Pilot gave presentation. After presentation one by one we went back for interview. The interview was mostly HR questions with a mix of tech questions from the Chief Pilot. Tech questions covered Jepp charts(arrival, approach), airport diagrams and airport/runway signs. Overall a fun experience. They want you, just give them a reason to like you. Good... Continue reading this interview experience

  7. Sep 29, 2023 Everyone from Spirit was very nice and welcoming during the entire interview day. The questions from this website were very helpful. Everyone was waiting together in a classroom for their interview. The interview itself was in another room with 4 candidates at a time (sitting apart from each other, so I wasn't distracted by the other interviews). Some of the candidates that were interviewed first started sharing questions from the interviews with other candidates waiting for their turn, and... Continue reading this interview experience

  8. Sep 21, 2023 Interview went pretty much like like all the others on here. We all met and mingled in one conference room while they pulled individuals for the two on one panel interview. In the interview environment was pretty loud and distracting I thought. The other two tables they had set up the pilots and candidate were close enough you could hear their conversations and made it some what difficult to hear the HR member and pilot conducting my interview. Multiple times I had to ask to have the... Continue reading this interview experience

  9. Sep 21, 2023 Walked in the room, you need to be very social and talk to your peers that are part of the interview as well. The recruiters are seeing how you interact with one another. They gave us a presentation about the company and after the presenation, we had a break in the meantime they call people up to go to a different room for your interview. There are different tables in the room with 2 people that are going to ask you HR questions and tecnical. The recruiter selects which table your going to... Continue reading this interview experience

  10. Sep 21, 2023 The interview was held on the second floor of a hotel. The interviewees gathered in the lobby until they called us all up. They gave us a presentation on the company and then started calling people in for the interview. It's held in a large room where there was one or two other interviewees. I was interviewed by an HR employee and a pilot. We started with TMAAT questions first and then moved onto the technical. Everything was on this study guide. It took maybe 20 minutes. They sent me back... Continue reading this interview experience

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