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These study guide questions were submitted by real pilots who actually interviewed with TradeWind Aviation

  1. Why Tradewind?
    Before I interviewed with tradewind I did some research and talked to a few current employees and loved working for tradewind because it is mostly pilot based
    They seem like a great company with a great reputation
  2. Did you review our website?
    Yes, I did!
  3. If you viewed our website, what routes did you see?
    Northeast USA Westchester, NY- White Plains airport (HPN) to Nantucke (ACK), Martha's Vineyard(MVY) Terteboro, NJ (TEB) to Nantucket (ACK), Martha's Vineyard (MVY) Caribbean San Juan (SJU) to Antigua (ANU), St. Thomas airport(STT)
  4. Have you ever been fired from a job?
    No, I have not been.
  5. Have you had a conflict with an employee?
  6. How would you handle a conflict with an employee?
    I would take it to upper management if I cannot resolve the issue with my fellow Co worker
  7. Have you had any DUI's or violation, accidents, etc?
  8. In Class E Airspace, above 10,000 what are the weather minimums?
    5 sm, 1 miles horizontally, 1,000 ft below, 1,000ft above
  9. What is pre-ignition?
    The premature combustion of the fuel/air mixture on a reciprocating engine.
  10. What do you need to depart from an uncontrolled field?
    If under IFR, and the weather is less than VFR minimums, you need a clearance from ATC which can be obtained 1) On the phone, 2) On an RCO frequency.
  11. Cristian G

    (Hired at TradeWind Aviation)

    Very precise and helpful

    Oct 21, 2023  

    Tristan R

    (Hired at TradeWind Aviation)

    Easy to navigate and has interview information to many companies. Helped me land my new job!