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These study guide questions were submitted by real pilots who actually interviewed with United Parcel Service

  1. What is V1?
    The maximum speed in the takeoff at which the pilot must take the first action (e.g., apply brakes, reduce thrust, deploy speed brakes) to stop the airplane within the accelerate-stop distance. V1?Also the minimum speed in the takeoff, following a failure of the critical engine at VEF, at which the pilot can continue the takeoff and achieve the required height above the takeoff surface within the takeoff distance
  2. Why do you want to work at UPS?
    UPS is a solid, well respected company. I have worked closely with a UPS pilot who I admire. I can tell he really likes his job and likes the company.
    I have met alot of UPS pilots over the years and seems like a well run company.
  3. Do you have any family members or direct relatives that work for UPS?
  4. At your airline have you flown any UPS trips?
    No not at my current airline, but I have at another.
  5. What makes a person difficult to work with?
    I believe it's a combination of personality and a wide range of issues, problems and stress in a person's life. A personality may have certain quirks that may be annoying, but I have not had any problems dealing with those. The hardest people to deal with would be those with a highly egotistic attitude coupled with family, financial, or health problems. Still, common ground can be found.
    Usually it's caused by current circumstances in their life, like problems with a spouse or children, or family illnesses. Other causes could be a lack of rest. Most people that I have worked with are not difficult people in general. And even though not everyone always gets along well or relate to each other well, almost everyone does have good some good qualities.
  6. How do you handle working with a difficult co-worker?
    Usually, there's always a personal problem that makes people difficult to get along with. I would gently try and find out the problem through casual conversation, and offer my support. If they don't want to talk, I'll just make allowances for their behavior, as long as they don't hurt people or break the rules.
  7. Have you ever had an airborne emergency?
    Yes, thankfull, the aircaft I fly is very reliable. I did, however have a loss of cabin pressurization about a year ago. Fortunately, we wear oxygen masks, so the primary part of making sure I'm physiologically sound was taken care of. I broke out the checklist, and determined I needed to RTB. ATC was very helpful in the process, and the plane was safely recovered.
  8. Tell me about an emergency where everything worked out well.
    I had an APU fire emergency in DCA. We landed, taxied to the gate, parked and then began the deplaning process. During the deplaning we began to smell some serious fumes and the plane began to make loud popping noise. when I went to investigate by looking out the jet bridge window I saw sparks, smoke, and flames shooting out the tailpipe. I ran back into the flight deck grabbed the QRC and ran the apu checklist. I shut down the APU, my FO called for Emergency services to the gate, and by this time we had already finished deplaning and my crew and myself exited the aircraft. The checklist had extinguished the fire when arff arrived everyone was safe, but the apu suffered severe damage.
  9. What have these people told you about the positives of working for UPS?
  10. What have these people told you about the negatives or downside of working for UPS?
  11. John G

    (Hired at United Parcel Service)

    Amazing experience! Outstanding, accurate gouge.

    Jul 23, 2024  

    Christopher M

    (Hired at United Parcel Service)

    I was pressed for time because the UPS hiring schedule was very swift. Formal prep was not an option, but the descriptions and question bank at Aviation Interviews allowed me to prepare in only two days. The results speak for themselves as I received the job offer!

    Jun 12, 2024