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These study guide questions were submitted by real pilots who actually interviewed with Western Global Airlines

  1. How do you convert Celsius to Fahrenheit?
    multiply the temperature in degrees Celsius by 2, and then add 30
  2. When do you start your descent? (descent rate calculations )
  3. Why do you want to leave your current position?
    I am hungry and eager to return the sky. I believe flying for Western Global is the right fit for me to do so.
  4. Do you understand our schedule of 17-20 days on, and 13 days off?
  5. Have you ever dealt with a difficult crew member?
  6. Have you had an emergency with your current company?
    I personally have not had an emergency, but I helped a crew from the jumpseat through a difficult weather and fuel instance in Baltimore.
  7. What kind of international flying have you done?
    I have flown into and out of The Bahamas; dealt with International Ops and Customs.
  8. What is your preference for the airplane that you want to fly?
    I would be excited to operate either one, If I had to chose, I would say the one that offers the fastest upgrade time.
  9. Why not any other cargo carrier?
    LEADERSHIP AND COMMUNICATION IS IMPORTANT TO ME: Founder/CEO Jim Neff in PR Newswire: “My top priority has always been to preserve the long-term viability of our Company and protect our people. I am pleased our restructuring process has achieved that. "It continues to be a privilege to lead our team, especially as WGA has emerged stronger and ready to thrive again as it has historically done. HELPING PEOPLE IS IMPORTANT TO ME: We will continue our mission to connect people worldwide to the urgent necessities that are important to them—with steadfast and renewed focus and financial resources." These are two important reasons why I chose to pursue an opportunity with Western Global.
  10. How much time do you need to start training?
    I would like to start right away.
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