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These study guide questions were submitted by real pilots who actually interviewed with Wheels Up

  1. Tell us about yourself.
    Since I was a kid I wanted to fly, having several relatives involved in aviation show me the path and inspire to pursuit it. I remember my first time behind the controls in Alaska flying over the glaciers. It was surreal. I love go fishing, cooking and helping the homeless
    North Dakota farm boy, family man who still loves to fly airplanes.
  2. Why do you want to work for us?
    I have had the opportunity to see wheels up airplane well Maintained and great fleet with possibilities of growing up, and the maintenance team in Key West, acting professionally. Being part of the Delta Pathway really encourage me to be part of WU
    I still love flying and I am looking for part time work.
    I wanted to work as a pilot a friend of mine works for Delta private jets and has highly recommended this company. He can’t express enough how much he enjoys working for Delta private jets and this sounds very intriguing to me.
  3. What makes you qualified for this position?
    I have experience in part 135, transport category with Scheduled and Unsheduled flight, domestic and international. Decent amount of hours in Multi engine and turbine. Also I have the skills that are required to be a professional as, keeping calm under pressure, excellent customer service experience, careful and committed to my duties.
    I believe many years of part 121 and Part 135 experience.
  4. Why should we hire you?
    You would pick someone who will be a professional in the cockpit, putting safety first and committed to all the duties and beyond.
    Part 91,135 experience. Excellent customer service and safety/ professionalism in the cockpit.
  5. Tell us about your greatest career accomplishment.
    Having achieved my CFI was a great accomplishment, also being promoted to become a Captain in my last job
    Earning my Flight Instructor Certificate- this opened all the doors to the opportunities I have now.
  6. Tell us about a time you went over and above to get a job done.
    I was involved in cargo transport. One of My duties was overview cargo loading, having secured it and support W
    When I was a flight instructor, I was getting ready to leave my flight school after a 10 hour day of ground and flight instruction. As I'm about to pull out of the parking lot, the front desk comes running out asking for help. Another instructor accidentally got doubled booked and they were wondering if I could go fly with him. All he needed was regain day currency. I did and he liked me so much that I helped achieve his instrument rating and commercial single certificate.
  7. Describe the best place you worked and its environment.
    I love the place where suggestions, ideas of improvements are here even from the entry level employees. A place where everybody is treated with respect and cheers up the accomplishments
    Great company culture. Felt like a member of a family.
  8. What is your greatest failure, how did you overcome it, what did you learn?
    Letting my career define me as a person. Age and wisdom taught me what is important. Family, friends, and having interest outside of your job.
  9. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
    A Captain for DPJ and also a recruiter
  10. How do you evaluate success?
    By the positive experiences and relationships built with customers and co workers.
  11. Bart D

    (Hired at Wheels Up)

    Well prepared me for my interview. I got the job!

    Apr 05, 2024  

    Emily D

    (Hired at Wheels Up)

    The level of detail for the study guide pages was extremely helpful

    Mar 12, 2024