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XOJET Study Guide Questions

These study guide questions were submitted by real pilots who actually interviewed with XOJET

  1. Why XOJET?
    I believe the customer market XO Jet is serving is increasing and XO jet seems well positioned to take advantage of it. Also I believe XO Jet has solid managment.
    I believe in what you stand for. Culture ethos values
  2. Why not other companies like NetJets or Flextjet?
    I Believe XO Jet management and the system as its developing will fit my life and expectations.
    Just a number to them , there are many negatives on the net regarding them . Nothing negative regarding lifestyle here
  3. Do you want to work for the legacy airlines liked United, Delta or American?
    No I enjoy charter flying and meeting interesting customers
    I already have.....am a mandatory retiree and miss the job....miss the people.....miss the day to day challenges and experiences so am looking for the right company.
  4. Have you applied to anyone else?
    Initially I had applied to a few. Xo Jet seems to have the qualities I strive for as a professional pilot.
  5. What is the foundation of good leadership?
    Honesty, Wisdom, Confidence, Sincerity, Communication skills.
  6. What is your leadership style?
    Authoritative in combination with Coaching style
  7. If there is someone out there that you’ve had differences with and you would not go to that person for a recommendation, what would he/she say about you?
    I find ways to address challenging situations while keeping safety a top priority
    I am a safe pilot and I get the job done.
  8. Tell us about yourself.
    Started flying at 18, took some time off to raise my family and returned to get my ratings to fulfill my dream of being an airline pilot. I want to continue flying, as I’m forced to retire.
  9. How did you get in aviation/flying?
    Born and raised in it. I didn't want to be in aviation initially though. I wanted to "blaze my own trail". In my mid-twenties I made the decision to leave full time ministry and pursue a career in aviation.
  10. What are your strengths?
    Detail oriented, determined, open minded, comfortable with myself

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    Feedback from: Timothy G
    (Hired at XOJET)

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    Jun 09, 2022