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I arrived at 7:45 for an 8:00 interview. There was no receptionist there yet, so I signed in and sat in one of the two chairs that every Alaska interviewee knows so well just outside the doors of Room 202. Celeste came out some time after 8:00, said hi, and then took me back into a room for all the usual questions. Then back to the two chairs.
The panel interview began around 9:00, with Terry Clark (MD-80 Captain), Eric Jordan (737 Captain), and Celeste Green. Very low key and friendly atmosphere to begin with, but watch out! There were one or two quick changes from friendly, relaxed questioning to a fairly confrontational tone during the course of the interview, just when I had been feeling slightly more relaxed. Be friendly and open, but be ready for a rapid change in the tone of the interview from time to time.
Questions, in no particular order:
1. Talk through your ten year work history. I brought two copies of my own work history, with dates of upgrades and important checkrides and a couple of extra interesting points, and they were fine with me using that as a guide.

2. Have you ever had a significant disagreement with another pilot? What lead up to it? What was the result? Then, about ten questions later, they went back to that same situation and asked:

3. What would the person with whom you had the conflict say now if we called and asked him about it?

4. Have you ever failed?

5. What do you do in your free time?

6. What’s your choice of base?

7. What’s your equipment preference? Of course, there was one MD-80 and one 737 pilot in the room. When I answered “737,” one said something like “good man!” while the other lamented my ignorance. All in good fun.

8. What would you do if Alaska didn’t hire you?

9. They asked me several questions, not about my current aircraft, but about the plane I’d been flying about five years ago (a king air... Continue Reading this Interview Experience