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Read Page 1 ... nice people, great experience overall. Now for the interview itself. I had my HR portion first with a line captain and a woman from the HR Department. They greeted me at the door, offered me a glass of water and had me take a seat across from them. They had my resume in front of them along with my letters of recommendation. It started off with the basic "tell me about yourself" stuff before diving into my resume. They asked a bunch of questions like "why did you leave this job?" and "what was this like?" and we just worked through everything. The captain did ask me about a time I was scared in the cockpit and what I learned from the experience. They also hit the schedule hard and want to make sure you are up for the 17 day trips along with the frequent schedule changes and abnormal situations that may arise. They also directly asked me if I plan on leaving for FedEx/UPS/United/etc. a few years down the road. I assured them that was not my intent and they seemed... Continue Reading this Interview Experience