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The interview was very close to what others said it would be in the past. Due to the Corona Virus everything was via phone and Online. I received the prescreen interview phone call one week after my resume was submitted internally. Once you get done with that and are successful they set up the three part Skype interview/corporate presentation events. There was technical difficulties on my corporate presentation so they had to reschedule everyone for the next presentation. Right now all presentations are done on Mondays and Thursdays.... Continue Reading this Interview Experience

  1. Jun 01, 2023 I think what helped me overall was an internal recommendation from a Line Check Airman (LCA) in the company, a rec letter from my Commander and then my experience over the past 20 in military aviation all over the world in turbo-jet aircraft (C17, C21). You should be given material about a week ahead of time that gives you a chance to brush up on aviation topics as well as look at Jeppesen products for a Technical Interview. Learn/know the material in depth and be prepared for questions on... Continue reading this interview experience

  2. May 23, 2023 The interview was divided into two moments, a technical part that lasted approximately 45 min with questions about the material they sent, no system had to be explained, the second one hour was with a HR representative and a retired cmte and an active duty commander, He asked questions about my career , about whether I had any incidents or incidents because I want to fly for Atlas , it was a very nice and relaxed conversation , but... Continue reading this interview experience

  3. May 17, 2023 Very pleasant interview experience via Zoom. There was an hour for the tech portion, which I had with a former 747 Captain, and another hour for the HR panel with two Captains and an HR/recruitment rep. There were no surprises in the interview, the questions I was asked in both interviews were what are represented in the experiences listed here on AviationInterviews. The tech panel genuinely seemed to be geared toward my level of experience as a regional FO, although I went ahead and studied... Continue reading this interview experience

  4. May 10, 2023 Very straight-forward interview. Tech panel was a retired 747 Captain asking questions from the study guide that they send you as well as some questions from this site. Be familiar with Jeppesen charts and develop a good briefing flow. HR portion was with an HR Rep, recently retired 747 Captain, and current pilot who was the union rep as well. No curve balls from them, just a nice conversation to see if you are a good fit for the company. This site is a great place to get prepared.... Continue reading this interview experience

  5. May 03, 2023 Technical interview was relatively in-depth. We touched on the packet provided, but also went into items that weren't listed. I was asked about the electrical system on my jet. The different electrical busses. What was on the battery bus. How many generators were on the plane and what a GCU (generator control unit) does. Went into TOLD, screen height guaranteed by V1 (wet/dry). Oceanic emergency procedures. Oceanic position report. Brief the provided approach. What's the Great Circle Route.... Continue reading this interview experience

  6. May 02, 2023 Interview was broken up into two parts, technical and HR. The tech interview was very straight forward. We first discussed the electrical system of my current airframe (E170), then we went into a discussion about different segments of a flight from Hong Kong to Anchorage. We talked about everything from takeoff and landing weather minimums and alternates, to hot spots, oceanic position reports, MSAs, and high level prognostic charts. Next, during the HR portion, I received all the typical... Continue reading this interview experience

  7. Apr 26, 2023 Phone screening was just making sure you are who you said you are, Why atlas?, any criminal records. Interview went like a conversation and less like an interrogation. Review the materials they send you and they will ask majority of the questions from the material. I've never done oceanic crossing but they still asked a question about that. (view the study guide of this website).  The HR question was conducted by a retired 747 captain and 2 HR reps. Quick rundown of your resume in your... Continue reading this interview experience

  8. Apr 25, 2023 Both interviews were on the same day; both of them very profissional and the gentlemen were very polite and friendly. Technical starts requesting some explanation about the APU. How it works on ground and in flight, emergency and normal shutdown. Atlas provides a study guide in advance and followed it with no surprises. In my case it was a flight from Narita to Hong Kong. Read a METAR and answered a question about the TX on the TAF. A conventional position report based on one of the charts... Continue reading this interview experience

  9. Apr 05, 2023 The overall interview experience was professional and laid back. They want to see that you took your time to study for the interview. Reviewing the Tech questions on here really helped a great deal and for the most part covered 95% of what was asked. First, I had a brief phone screen. Before the call ended, I was informed I had been approved to move to the next phase of the interview process. The Tech interview was conducted by one of Atlas’s retired pilots. During the Tech... Continue reading this interview experience

  10. Apr 03, 2023 Very pleasant experience, be yourself. Starts out with phone screen (TMAY, why Atlas). From there company presentation, no participation required. Then in a different day youll do tech panel and HR panel. You will have a study guide sent to you. The tech panel is conversational, if you dont know say so. Do not... Continue reading this interview experience

  11. Feedback from: James S
    (Hired at Atlas Air)

    Loved knowing what to expect in each different interview phase. 100%, must-have service.

    May 29, 2023