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Much like other people, my experience was very pleasant and relaxed. It started off with an online exam which you're given 60 days to complete. After taking mine, I was called within 5 days for a phone interview (basic questions, nothing crazy) and to schedule the in-person interview. Mine took place in the Marriott in Miami. All the applicants (about 50 of us that day) picked up our paperwork and sat down for a couple of presentations by HR and the Training Department. It was all very informative and lasted about two hours in total. They then called off names/rooms to proceed to for either the HR interview or technical portion. They cycled through applicants for the remainder of the morning before we all regathered for the lunch they catered. During lunch, a retired captain came in and told us stories about working the line- it was fun and laid back. After about an hour, the interviews continued in the same manner and you're free to leave as soon as both parts are completed. Extraordinarily... Continue Reading this Interview Experience