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CJO: Yes Expected class date: Mid to late July (approx. 1 month after interview) Day 1: I stayed at the Hilton across the street and suggest it for its close proximity. Met up with a few other interviewees and walked over the next morning together. I had testing first at 8:30am and really no huge surprises. Information and study guides are accurate so ill just touch on some thoughts I had after. COG: I was told before that you can practice as much as you want but need the proctor to come in and reset after 2. With that being said on the first test after the first practice I went to do extra practice and got locked out. The proctor wasn't in his office for a awhile so I sat for awhile stressing about missing testing time before he came and got me going again. With that being said practice if you need but be aware it takes time to get help resetting if you try more than 2... Continue Reading this Interview Experience